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Toq-based HTC smartwatch to be shown behind closed doors at MWC


It’s no secret that HTC is working on a wearable device. HTC’s Cher Wang shared that the company has been working on wearable technology for some time and will finally be ready to release its first product in time for the holiday shopping season later this year. A Bloomberg source “with direct knowledge of the plans” claims that HTC will be showing its smartwatch prototype to carriers at Mobile World Congress. This prototype is based on the Qualcomm Toq, which features a Mirasol display, several days of battery life, fitness tracking, push notifications and Bluetooth media controls.

But that’s not all. If Bloomberg’s source is correct, HTC is working a second smartwatch with Google Now integration as well as a music-centric bracelet.

If HTC plays its cards right, the company may soon have a wearable device portfolio which could give it a strong foothold into a market that is without a clear leader. Of course, HTC will have to contend with Samsung, Pebble, Sony and a dozen other tech companies for consumer mindshare, and there’s always the possibility that wearables will never really gain the traction that they need for these companies to make a profit.

Do you think HTC will deliver a compelling smartwatch which can compete directly with Samsung and Pebble’s devices?

Via: HTC Source

Source: Bloomberg

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  • SGB101

    The last smart watch post you did, I said the shouldn’t make there own watch, they should team with a 3rd party. Toq for HTC would be a much better option for HTC.

    My eg in the last thread was pebel by HTC iirc.

  • renyo

    If this watch is as good/game changer as HTC One was (at a reasonable price), I’m buying it… Otherwise its Pebble Steel for me!

  • lame

    this is so 1996…meh…whats next HTC tamagotchi??????

  • donger

    Please make it awesome.

  • Steve

    I want a smart watch, but i don’t know which one to buy. The samsung one was such a flop that you can get it 50% off, but that would put it near pebble anyway which is were I am leaning. But there is definitely room if they can make a amazing one. Samsung Is releasing a new one, the same time as the s5, it should be much better version

  • aranea

    I hope they also invest in the looks too like pebble steel.

    The part I don’t get is why make two watches one with one without Google Now integration. I think Google Now should be an integral part of any(!) smartwatch. It’s like build with wearables in mind.