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Verizon intros More Everything plans with increased data, discounts for Edge customers


Yesterday Verizon began teasing that “#MORE” was coming, but at the time the carrier didn’t drop any other hints about what exactly that meant. Luckily the folks at Big Red didn’t keep us in suspense for long, because today Verizon announced its new More Everything rate plans.

As the name suggests, Verizon’s new offerings are similar to the Share Everything plans that they’ve offered for some time now, but with more goodies piled on. Several of the data buckets available to consumers have received an allotment boost: The $40 500MB bucket was bumped to 1GB, the $50 1GB allotment doubled to 2GB and the $60 2GB bucket increased to 3GB. Verizon also offers 250MB and 500MB options for $15 and $30, respectively.

As with the Share Everything plans, all of Verizon’s new More Everything offerings include unlimited talk and text. Verizon is also throwing in 25GB of free cloud storage and unlimited international messaging with the new plans as part of its More Everything rollout.

Verizon is also including its Edge early upgrade program in its plan refresh. Any Edge customers that sign up for a More Everything plan with 250MB to 8GB of data will receive a $10 per month discount on each smartphone line attached to the account. Edge customers with 10GB or more data will receive a $20 discount. That means that instead of paying a $40 per line monthly access fee, subscribers enrolled in Edge will pay $20 or $30, depending on how much data they’ve signed up for.

Another part of the More Everything campaign is increased network bandwidth. Verizon says that it continues to use AWS spectrum to double, and in some cases triple, its network capacity “in cities coast to coast.” However, the carrier doesn’t say exactly which cities already have access to this AWS service.

Verizon’s new More Everything plans may not be as huge as the changes as we’ve seen from other carriers lately, but they could be enough to convince some Verizon folk to stick with the big red carrier if they’ve been considering jumping ship. While Verizon likely wouldn’t admit as much, these tweaks are likely in response to the Uncarrier moves that T-Mobile has been making lately, just like AT&T’s recent Mobile Share Value plan revision. Hooray for increased competition!

Source: Verizon Wireless

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  • jerrbomb

    Wow… What a change.. Lmao.. A slight bump.. Hooray.. Lmao.. That’s like going to a restaurant and they offer you a large for the same price as the medium and a am extra side to an already expensive dish.. Lol.. And instead they just give you a large cup only three quarters full with a whole bunch of ice.. And a small plate for a side..

    • Steven

      Actually doubling data us a lot. Verizon is the #1 carrier for a reason. Is it Tmobile pricing, no. But I just checked and compared and for these lower amounts, VZ actually is cheaper than AT&T.. That’s significant.. VERY. The problem with Tmobile is they still have coverage issues.. They keep saying they want to change the industry, and good for then, theyre starting to do that. The issue is nothing theyve done is something that can’t be copied.. The others even said if the no subsidy works, they’ll move there too. It’s not for everyone, but if you go to the grocery store & they have a BOGO.. Buy one get one sale, you take advantage.

      • RKSoni

        You are right my math says Verizon’s new plan is $5 cheaper and $15 cheaper for Edge customers, still something is missing that is why Framily is still the favorite plan for a family which offer more data at less price… want to see ?…. See at http://www.telecomvibe.com

    • YNWA

      Exactly. The worst thing is they don’t offer you any discount off your plan if you own/buy your phone out of contract or if you bring your own device. Rip off!

      • Matt

        How to Straight Talk or another prepaid line. Until last year, none of the major carriers did. They’re in the biz of making money… Most of these world unlock phones are GSM only any way. It’s amazing how much negativity Ive read in Comments on tech sites today about this. Verizon just added data, doubled in many cases, to millions without charging them a penny mote and people are angry. If you don’t like VZ, leave it. An extra gig is a t. Now less than ATT at those data levels. Its like buy one get one free. I think their prices r too high so Im on prepaid with a Nexus & pay a fraction.. VZ keeps adding customers each quarter

  • Steven

    This isn’t exactly enough to yank me off of my unlimited data. There is a segment of us power users who are pretty dissatisfied with big red. I’ve been with then thirteen years and am seriously considering leaving. This program doesn’t make a difference to me.

    • snowbdr89

      I left them after 12 years for tmo and I must say set aside the coverage here in SLC tmo’s data speeds are by far better then Vzw so I’m totally fine giving up the coverage for better unlimited data !!

    • Matt

      Most people don’t use unlimited data & you cant be mad if youre satisfied otherwise. If you need unlimited, go to Tmobile or Sprint If they have good coverage where you need it. As more people get smartphones and use data, network become more congested. Tmobile can offer unlimited cuz they have a fraction of the customers VZ does. You should be glad VZ is still offering you an unlimited plan as they’re under no legal requirements to do so. Your unlimited contract ended a long time aho

      • snowbdr89

        I’m pretty sure it says I left Vzw for tmo and yes nobody needs unlimited but why pay out the ass for capped data!!

      • redraider133

        Some people need unlimited data. Just because *you* don’t doesn’t mean that is the case for everyone. And what angers people is Verizon advertises such a huge and fast LTE network yet sets the caps so low. If anything offer a set cap then throttle people to 3g. It is going to slow the speeds, but hey its better than risking overages, which is why so many hold onto unlimited data (myself included) just because most of the time I only use 2gb, it is nice to never have to worry about having a heavy data month and paying out the a** for overages.

  • RKSoni

    Still Framily offer more than Verizon’s More everything plan… see the comparison table at http://www.telecomvibe.com

    • YNWA

      Yep, and those 200kb data speeds are pretty amazing!

      • Jt

        That’s why I’m on Straight Talk. $45 and get LTE up to 30 Mbps .. Unlimited text, Voice & 2.5gb of high speed.. No fees. No overages… Everyone I know with an individual account pays more than double that

  • redraider133

    If only they would offer a similar plan to what att just unveiled with 4 lines, unlimited talk and text with 10gb of shared data for $160 a month. That is a crazy good plan for families.

  • thel0nerang3r

    If I’m reading the link correctly, for one line. I can get 1 smartphone with 1GB of data for $80? That still seems high.

  • donger

    Still $$.