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Verizon Moto X getting the update to 4.4.2

Motorola Moto X

Motorola continues to impress with the speed at which it updates its phones. The company updated a few versions of the Moto X to Android 4.4 before Google’s own Nexus 4 got the same update, and it also updated those Moto Xs far faster than any other OEM could push the update to its devices. Today another Moto X variant is getting its update to Android 4.4.2; this time around, it’s the Verizon model.

The update is a smaller one, mostly intended to bump the Verizon Moto X  to the latest version of Android and to take advantage of all the little changes included in it by Google. There are a few bug fixes in there, though, along with improved battery life and connectivity, which is a great bonus. Regardless of its size, this is a good update that should be downloaded as soon as possible

If you want to snag the update for yourself, head into to Settings > About phone and check for updates. If you don’t get it, it may be a staged rollout, in which case you’ll have to wait a little while. Don’t worry about it, though, because it’ll come soon enough. Be sure to tell us when you do get updated!

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  • www.phonewbie.com

    That’s great. But will this continue under Lenovo? And will Lenovo now update their devices as fast as Moto?

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Let’s hope so!

    • Kenne Phimmasonsouk

      And I’m on at&t like where’s my update at?…… Still no word or soak tests for at&t this is BS! I’m leaving at&t after my contract is up!

  • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

    Are you sure? I’m not 100% familiar with the matter, but doesn’t official documentation for the public eye mean that Verizon is either rolling it our or just about to?

  • donger

    About time.

  • Aaron Kim

    My moto x says I’m up to date, but I’m only on 4.4, not 4.4.2… Verizon moto x.

  • Chris

    I have a feeling Motorola is pushing out fast updates only to give the appearance that they are hard at work at matching the Nexus line with the update support… and soon (after the sale is finalized)… things will slow down dramatically…. but I could be wrong…

  • joe skoal

    Just got my update

  • Pete

    Nothing yet on my Moto X

  • James Little

    I am updated to 4.4.2 now

  • Tim

    Got mine around 1900 hrs yesterday.