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WhatsApp is getting voice communication this summer


If you were worried that WhatsApp will fall apart after its purchase by Facebook, maybe this will ease your worries. WhatsApp is getting a new feature this summer. so no one is giving up on this app. When you spend $19 billion on a purchase, you really need to take care of it.

The new feature being teased is voice communication. The announcement is extremely vague, as we don’t know if it is some variation on sending voice clips (something WhatsApp can do in a limited way) or if it’s full audio calling, but a new feature never hurt. Hopefully it is voice calling, as that would be a very useful addition to WhatsApp, and something I wanted from the app back when I still used it.

This feature is coming by the end of this summer, so it won’t be long until we get more details on the addition. Hopefully it’ll be part of the current service fee, because asking people to pay extra for a service most others offer for free would be the end of WhatsApp. Do any of you still use WhatsApp? Leave a comment!

Via: Engadget

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  • Arthur

    This is pretty big news. Facebook wants to convert those 500 some odd million Whatsapp users to choose Whatsapp for their VOIP service as well, challenging leaders like Viber and many smaller established services. It will be interesting how successful this turns out to be.

  • Steve Brown

    No I use skype, zinger, bbm, and a walkie talkie app calked zello. Way to many as is

  • BK

    And here we loyal Google Voice users remain, still waiting for the transition to Hangouts, MMS, group messaging. Oh and did I mention VOIP, which the iOS app already has?

    Getting a little ridiculous

  • What

    This is a new whatsApp
    Called AlooPhone this is the first app get your friends location
    this is trial version be know expected some errors but it will be gone with Constant updates
    this is link on google store : http://bit.ly/1mDO3Oj

  • donger

    That’s what’s up.



  • mannir muhammad

    very interested