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Yet another rumor points towards an LG-made, Android-powered Google smartwatch

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We’ve been hearing about a Google smartwatch based on the Android operating system for a long time. We have no idea how long it’s been in development for, or if it even exists for that matter, but most rumors insist it’s being made. The latest rumor from an inside source claims that LG is the chosen hardware partner for this smartwatch, though other manufacturers may also participate in some way.

While we won’t be seeing it shown off at Mobile World Congress, like we did the Samsung Gear 2, it should be unveiled at this year’s Google I/O in late June. Google is going to use its own show to unveil the product, and maybe even give it away for free to those at the show.

With competition in the smartwatch market rising, it’s a good time for Google to be releasing its own device. The Pebble has gained significant popularity with its low price and new “high end” model, while the Samsung Gear 2 is pushing away from Android and its dependency on a connected smartphone to make its own success. Hopefully Google’s offering will be something special, because a glorified notification viewer isn’t exactly what we want.

It’s awesome to see Google pushing further and further into hardware, even if it’s through other companies. What started with a single Nexus device has branched into a line of three Android-based, a self-made Chromebook, the awesome little Chromecast, and the purchase of multiple hardware partners like Nest. We’re excited for what Google will show off, aren’t you?

Source: WSJ

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  • tmoore4075

    I’ve been satisfied with the Nexus 4 so if they make the watch as good, I’d be happy. Still seems more of a novelty to me. Probably won’t get one because I’ll be ready for the next “Nexus” phone later this year.

  • Arthur

    The hardware vendor for me is less important than the final finished product. If it is in anyway a half finished product and has noticeable flaws like say the first Gear than I won’t be buying it regardless of who the manufacturer is.

  • elsantomoto

    Since I’m completely enamored with my Note 3 and have become addicted to it’s size and performance to the point of feeling nothing but disdain for “silly little phones”, I’d love to see a Nexus phablet.

  • AvatarZ

    Aren’t all smart watches basically glorified glorified notification viewers?

  • Tma

    why always LG, it’s OK, but I loved when google was changing vendors… their is more competition that way

  • jbcooley

    Actually, a glorified notification viewer is exactly what I want. I don’t want to interact with a watch in most cases. I just want to look at it briefly and get the important information I need at that moment in time. I would like to see a selection of data from the notifications and Google Now from my phone on a watch that doesn’t look like I strapped a matchbox to my wrist.

  • donger

    Can’t wait.