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The Galaxy S5 has me feeling underwhelmed

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Each and every year, we await the new flagships that set the standard for the Android market. Now, if you want to read more about these flagships, then we suggest that you go here instead. This editorial is going to focus on one particular flagship that has a very large impact on the market, the newly-announced Samsung Galaxy S5.

Today at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Samsung took the wraps off its flagship for 2014, the Galaxy S5. Featuring specs such as a 5.1-inch 1080p display, 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 16-megapixel camera, waterproofing and new fitness features, the Galaxy S5 was meant to blow us away. Only it didn’t. Not by a long shot.

In fact, we can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the Galaxy S5. That’s not dependent on just one thing, that’s due to several things; one of the biggest being the design. While some may appreciate the simple, square design of the Galaxy S5, most of us are disappointed that Samsung didn’t try anything new with design and if anything, went backwards with the design. The bezels grew larger, physical buttons persisted, the waterproofing required a flap over the charging port and worst of all, that stippled back reminds us of a Band-Aid.

We were also left with mixed feelings on the camera. While Samsung has certainly added some nifty features such as hybrid auto-focus and improved HDR, it also left out some important features. The most important being optical image stabilization. OIS is a feature that other manufacturers have been adding for over a year now and it makes a significant impact on picture quality, especially in low lighting. This is a clear oversight on Samsung’s part and leaves us wondering whether or not the camera sensor will be able to perform in low light.

Another area in which we were disappointed was the software. All of us waited with bated breath for a revamp to Samsung’s infamous TouchWiz software. What we were greeted with was a software experience that had very minor differences from previous versions of TouchWiz. A far cry from the major revamp that we were all expecting and hoping for. Rather, we’re greeted by the same heavily-skinned version of Android that’s packed to the gills with Samsung’s own software and S branded apps.

Most of all, we’re disappointed in the fact that the Galaxy S5 is such a marginal improvement over last year’s Galaxy S 4. Many things remained the same and some, such as the design, arguably even regressed. The Galaxy S5 paints a powerful picture of Samsung’s declining innovation. After dominating for so long, Samsung seems to be relying on its brand name and existing market share, instead of impressing us with new creativity. Unfortunately for Samsung, brand name and market share don’t last if you don’t continue to deliver a product that excites and intrigues consumers.

How do you feel about the Galaxy S5?

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  • john

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix.

    • Catalina

      Samsung lost its Mojo…Sony and HTC made a much much better job imho

      • Shaun

        And neither did the Sony design change, neither has apples, neither has Nokia’s, and HTC photo leaks so basically no changes either.
        No one changed design drastically but but the only one that added useful features was samsung. Even more modest in the new gear 2 and gear fit.

        • ciufutozaurus rex

          You are right, but sony and htc design was already much better than samsung’s.

          • GE918

            If that was true, Sony or HTC would be the leader in sales.

    • Htecjongea

      That’s just a terrible excuse to stop innovation. What’s the point of even upgrading from an older phone if “it ain’t broke?”

    • Igaal Naouri

      So why upgrade if there’s nothing wrong with the previous galaxy phones….

    • Richard Yarrell

      Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note product lines.

      Samsung caters to it’s users the customers who purchase these devices yearly not the technology press who review products then send them back within the time frame.

      The customers have spoken and that’s why SAMSUNG is the global market share leader as well as the overall android market share leader since May 2011.

      Regardless of what anyone thinks,writes, or says this Galaxy S5 will sell far better than any silly Nexus, useless Motorola X or Motorola G device, or silly Htc M8, or crappy stock Nexus product

      Time for people to face the hard facts SAMSUNG IS ANDROID PERIOD NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

      And before that silly squiddy20 responds to my comment with usual blah blah blah bullshit we already know he won’t be buying any S5 because it’s past his budget


      • Eddie D

        Omg, you say the same crap over and over! Even on G+; And ends all his sentences with “Period” lol. I think the reason he is so far up Samsung’s ass is that he is a janitor at Samsung. Samsung is a poor man’s iPhone, Period.

        • jerrbomb


        • James

          the naive mans phone is the iphone

        • jay

          Suck a homeless dogs hard dick pussy

      • MattJ

        AAAhahahahahah hahahahahahah ahahahahahahahah. wait wait let me get my breath!!! no its ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahah!!!!

      • jerrbomb

        Bro the people spoke by asking for a different design and less TouchWiz.. Stfu..

      • snowbdr89

        Dick please explain to us what makes Samsung so great?

        • rg

          yeah he must be out of his mind. samsung is like the most bloated phone ever. better wait for the G3

      • sere83

        LOL, just plain LOL. Can’t even take that comment seriously. Touchwiz one of the worst android skins available, the galaxy line some of the cheapest looking and poorly designed phones out of all the flaships available. Touchwiz is a joke next to stock android. You must be smoking some crazy shit if you actually believe the crap your spouting.

        And how the fuck is samsung android period? Samsung is one of many manufacturers using android and also one of the manufacturers tainting the android platforms reputation by flooding the market with shit poorly performing cheaply made junk devices.

        • Steve Iverson

          Just download a launcher like Nova Launcher to the S4 and disable all of the google crap. The stock touch wiz is a joke compared to the customization capabilites of a launche like Nova launcher. I think that these “smartphones” have reached the limit of innovation/technical improvement capabilities. Just to thin to fit enough battery power to keep up with the increasing resolution screens,etc. Chip power is now 10000 more powerful than needed for “Apps”.U just need software upgrades here and there.Unless Fuel cell/nano cell technology can get into high gear, we will be getting a dimpled bandade back s5 or 2 more megapixels with each new model from the other manufacturers.. Where else can they possible go? Wrap around screen?Curved screen?Gimmicks for the most part. It is fun watching what each does to “outshine” the other quad core, faster than your desktop phone.

      • Orion78

        It’s time to face the hard facts……you’re stupid and your useless opinions don’t matter. Everything you say is just wrapped around your silly little world. Touchwiz sucks and will never be as beautiful and simplistic as stock(my opinion).

        And you have the nerve to talk about someone’s budget when you are a bum that lives in a make believe world of carry any smartphone. Aren’t you like 50+? lol

      • squiddy20

        1. Just like I predicted, here you are spewing your usual BS after attempting to suck up to everyone (skip to the middle of the 3rd section): http://androidandme.com/2014/02/opinions/the-flagships-that-drive-android/comment-page-1/#comment-1889579
        2. Here you are yet again claiming I won’t be “buying any S5″, as if you need to buy it in order to comment on it. I’d just like to point out that, not only have you not bought the Moto X, LG G Flex, G Pro, G Pro 2, G Flex or any other product besides your “pimp slapping” Note 3 (let alone the S5 here), and yet here you are commenting on them. What a f*cking hypocrite.
        3. I love how you “know” the HTC M8 (if that’s what it’s even going to be called) will be a total flop, before you even know what specs it will won’t have, it’s availability, or anything substantive about it. Sort of reminds me of the time you claimed the Galaxy Nexus would be Verizon’s flagship phone. Moron.
        4. If it weren’t for the billions of dollars Samsung is throwing around for marketing, and everyone else saying “Dude, you should get a Galaxy”, Samsung would more than likely have about the same market share as the other Android manufacturers.

      • Red

        “Plain and simple nothing beats Samsung or the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note product lines.

        Samsung caters to it’s users the customers who purchase these devices yearly not the technology press who review products then send them back within the time frame.”

        I don’t like this fact..I also don’t like my low/middle end android devices being left out of everything such as cyangenomod, etc..just because most developers seem to cater to the high-end of mobile devices. ..it’s like the developeers are rich, and only get the high-end devices or something :L or perhaps there are just too many cellphones..

        • Christopher

          It’s not that developers are rich but it’s a hobby to them!

          Let me put it to you this way – if you were in to cars, would you drive a rust bucket? The way ROM developers look at phones is purely as a hobby. CyanogenMod is the only ROM dev team making any money from these ROMs – the rest are all built from the free time of developers!

          We’re very lucky they’re interested enough to build ROMs for the phones they do already! :)

          Back on topic, however, the S5 will likely sell well because foolish people don’t shop around. The situation is, however, that the build quality on the Samsung line has been in question for some time and Android device manufacturers have stepped up to the plate and corrected this on their devices (HTC, Sony, etc.) – Samsung is lagging behind and for that alone they will eventually fall our of favour with the customer base in my opinion.

      • thewihte

        I like the way you think! Keep going, there are a loot of haters but who cares

    • Doron07

      If it ain’t broke don’t fix.
      -BlackBerry 2011

  • Kyle

    I need to upgrade my GS3 that I’ve had since its launch. The GS5 is not the phone I was hoping for to say the least. In fact, my next phone will probably be the first non-Samsung smartphone I’ll own. It’s a shame really. I love Samsung, but this thing is hideous and not innovative enough to earn my hard earned money.

    • kstagg

      You took the words right out of my mouth. The last 2 phones I had were the GS2 and the GS3. I loved them. I balked on the GS4 because I didn’t see that much of an upgrade. Surely the GS5 would change that right? Right?

      Wrong. Here I go – to the Z2. It looks byoo-ti-ful. An added bonus? It works with my PS3 as a rumble controller right out of the box apparently. Sweeet.

      • jake

        The Z2 looks like a lunch box. It has the biggest bezels on the market today, taking the title from Motorola. Never heard anyone describe that slab as beautiful, or even byoo-ti-ful.

        • clocinnorcal

          Maybe you should hold one in your hands. Pictures don’t actually do it justice. It’s a completely different experience when you actually see it in person and hold it in your hand.

          • clocinnorcal

            I was generalizing Sony vs. Samsung in my comparisons. Obviously I haven’t held a G5 or Z2 yet.

  • jremy

    Hideous! Spot on with the bandaid comparison. Not like I was looking forward to another p.o.s Samsung.please leave android and go fail with your tizen. That Sony blows this thing out of the water!

    • SoRHunter

      I’m not pleased as well with the back of the S5, but it’s not that bad: I own a Nexus 7 (2013 edition) and its back is the same (although in black; that ‘gold’ colour is plain awful). What I can say is that my Nexus has a nice grip with that dotted back and I quickly forgot to look at it.

  • MyMilan

    Yes, can’t help but feel underwhelmed by the Galaxy S5. Looks like samsungs hype has run out of steam. It’s disappointing but the galaxy S5 is a interstellar flop. Will spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

  • nidou

    pretty disappointed!

    all what i’d like to say was already said in this page!

    not a samsung fan thou, but damn it, it’s an S4 refreshed look with a low improvement.. just cpu clock and camera i see them went a bit better… the rest is the same!

    finger print is a waste of money!

  • nidou

    Sony is doing better than Samsung now!

    the Xperia Z2 is a real BEAST! and I’m in love with it!

    • andrew white

      I’m more of a supporter of Sony but I’m also underwhelmed with the Z2 which now leaves LG and HTC.
      Not phased about the lack of a 2k screen, though LG may have this. Was wanting 64 bit architecture and one of the next gen 4 or 8 core processors.
      Why Samsung and Sony just simply didn’t hold back untill June. Granted 4K recording is an important one for me but……

    • yo!

      Sony is known for 2 updates in a year. If that holds true for this year also, I have a feeling that the Z3 would be even better! Probably more reduction in the bezel. Anyways, S4 is my last Samsung device. Got a Moto G for dad. Will wait for HTC’s announcement, or go ahead and buy the Z2 / Z3.

  • freedomispopular

    The Z2 was an iterative update of the Z1 and everyone’s fawning over it.

    The “All New One” will be an iterative update of the One and it’ll be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    But the S5 is underwhelming.

    • redraider133

      It is because since samsung is the “top dog” everyone wants everything and then some, where as with the others who are struggling or don’t have the huge presence that samsung does, they are ok with it being minor iterative updates from year to year. I guarantee if they made this metal, everyone would be loving it and it would be the next best thing. But since they only removed the glossy plastic that everyone complained about, it is “underwhelming”

      • aantoine87

        Yeah we use android not apple, we dont take no shit, we got expectations

      • yo!

        True that. Agreed that the S5 is an incremental update. But Sony and HTC have stuck with the good parts. The Z / Z1 and HTC One designs were truly amazing compared to the S3 / S4. And IMO, when the Z1 came out, I was as underwhelmed as I am now with the S5. But, with this iterative update, they got away with what sucked and improved on what was necessary. I hope HTC also does that. As for Samsung S5, the bezel has increased, the capacitive keys still stay, still the cheap plastic build (with that band aid look), 2GB RAM, no OIS, same old TouchWiz!

    • NattJ

      Yes the new models you mentioned are iterative.

      But the Z1 was gorgeous with top quality materials and a lovely build quality

      But the One was gorgeous with top quality materials and a lovely build quality

      The S4 was… uh… underwhelming

  • redraider133

    I feel like anymore, because of such off the wall and near impossible rumors that lead up to launches of these devices, they all are going to leave us underwhelmed. Maybe I am the only one who doesn’t care about plastic or metal and actually prefers plastic (doesn’t get all nicked up like metal, and much easier/cheaper to replace) Plus with the snap805 still a ways off, the android manufacturers are maxing out in terms of specs. I am sure the g3 will have better specs because it is going to launch later, and I feel that samsung pushing up the launch leaves it open to be once again out matched by the likes of LG and others who release their devices later. I am sure that samsung will sell a ton of these, but wish they would take more risk and quit playing it conservative like apple. We all know samsung is capable of really wowing us, they just seem to be happy, with the minor upgrades every year.

  • renyo

    I gave up on Samsung the moment I saw Touchwiz on the first Note… Since then I have seen the Note 2 as well (to give it another chance)… But no… For me the biggest letdown in an otherwise nice phone is Touchwiz… Now, you might tell me to root it… But warranty becomes an issue… Also, I like to buy a phone and use it the way it was made… Touchwiz simply feels dated, unnecessarily heavy and a waste of resources… Not to mention the extra apps (mail, browser, etc.) that serve absolutely no purpose (I prefer Gapps)… So yeah this is my only gripe with Samsung… And that is my rant… Toodles!

    • www.phonewbie.com

      There’s no Toodles in blogging!! lol

    • SoRHunter

      I own a Note 2 and it’s a fantastic phone. Yes, it has TW, but I quickly exchanged it for Nova Launcher, which gives me a fantastic canvas for my home screens and some nifty gestures options and, at the same time, retain all the goodies from the Spen use.

      The rest of the interface can be a little hit-and-miss. I like the toggles in the notification bar, the Contacts app, the phone app (with a 720×720 image of the contact, when available), and even the calendar (though I replaced it some time ago). Yes, all that ‘wastes’ some of the 16 GB, but I feel I have enough (with a 16 GB microSD card for music, photos and other stuff).

      • renyo

        Well since I do game a bit on my phone, 16 gigs doesn’t cut it… Plus streaming on Soundcloud eats up memory too (for caching (I want it to in case I don’t have coverage))… I currently don’t take too many videos so that is my saving grace… But if that changed, then I don’t think 32 gigs would cut it either…

  • BlazeHN

    Note 3… just stick to Note 3 people. It have both the best specs (better than this S5 with 2GB RAM and 16 GB storage) and also premium look instead of waffle maker look.

    Then wait for Note 4 to blow your mind… again.

    • elsantomoto

      Totally agree. My Note 3 is the best computer I’ve ever owned. It’s certainly much more powerful than any desktop I’ve had, the combination of Google and Samsung apps gives me choices in what apps I want to use, the removable battery, the expandable memory, money spent on RAM, processor and a monster battery instead of a flashy (but useless) metal case, and the display, oh lordy what a display. Plus a stylus too. The Note 3 is not really just a phone, it’s a small, powerful tablet with 4G cell access. I just hope Samsung sticks with what’s cool about the Note 3 when they produce the Note 4.

      • Patrick Perez

        I prefer the nexus 5 over the note 3. Stock android baby. Of the note 3 is the fastest computer you’ve owned, you haven’t owned a computer in a long, long time.

    • Obz

      Note 3? Premium look? Both are cheap

      • jake

        Note 3 is the cheapest feeling device I have ever held. I sold mine after a week due to the size being too much for me, but man did that thing feel cheap. Nice software/speed, but the chrome edges reminded me of the chrome on some cheap, plastic car toy. Like cheap plastic painted silver.

        Samsung peaked with the S3 and Note 2, as least as far as design and build are concerned. I think I’ll wait for LG before deciding on whether to ride out another year on my S3. If removable battery/sd card make it into the next G phone, it may be bye-bye Samsung.

  • jerrbomb

    I am really disappointed in Samy.. Really.. Like seriously.. This was their opportunity to change design.. And loosen up on the TouchWiz.. I don’t care about down votes.. I was hoping they would change it up.. They needed to make the change.. I feel they didn’t do it because of their name and the Galaxy brand.. Samy.. What happened to you?

    • Obz

      Down votes? Did you ignore all the other (rightfully) negative comments, or are you that fucking blind?

      • jerrbomb

        I ignored all of the other comments.. And since when do people feel the need to curse when asking someone a question.. Obviously I said I didn’t care about down votes since there are people on this site who love down voting.. Lol..

  • roland

    great article I couldn’t agree more very bored I think the Sony z2 is going to be a much better experience TouchWiz is too heavy and need to change although Sonnen need it today redesign its phone Samsung fail in this department I’m going to see what LG does with the LG G 3 and G pro I think Samsung is going to put more into it samsung galaxy note 4

    • Punctuations

      Where’s your punctuations?
      Reading your post is a pain. Gave up haftway.

      • Dell

        And spelled “halfway” wrong. People make mistakes, like you obviously did.

      • Dell

        And you spelled “halfway” wrong. People make mistakes, like you obviously did.

        • Obz

          Because spelling one thing wrong is the same as not putting any punctuation or capital letters….


  • Gregory

    All this negativity is really funny! Im curious to know what are peoples take on innovation? One day people are saying bezels are too thin and opposite the next! If it ain’t one thing its another! I remember a time not that long ago when phones had green dot matrix displays and the camera you had was stuffed in a bag on your shoulder! Better yet, the phone that was in a bag on your shoulder! All these different phone manufacturers have made very big strides in design and innovation over the 2 decades! So again I ask what is peoples idea of innovation?

    • hp420

      I’ve never once heard anyone describe any bezel as “too thin”….it just never happens!!

    • jake

      Who has ever said bezels are too thin? Don’t try so hard to make your point that you have to make stuff up.

  • Marc Taschereau

    lame.it’s so lame I had to use a lower case l. I have a feeling it’s going to be a great year for htc and lg.

  • jamal adam

    Also can we talk about how the settings menu is on a different planet compared to everything else. Like what were they thinking?? Another thing, why is there no OIS on the camera, at least I didn’t hear anything about there being one.

    It’s really disappointing to see Samsung become so complacent in a market that requires innovation and forward movement. I guess once they saw that they had gained 200,000,000 users of the Galaxy series it made them feel all superior or something and thus continue with the oft mentioned mantra of “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.”

    • jerrbomb

      Well unfortunately that mantra won’t work anymore… Because they are heading down the path Apple was heading.. And like wise.. Both companies have their loyal fan base but even their loyal fan bases can tell when it’s time to change things up.. And not just tweet things here and there.. Samsung is the Apple of Android.. And they need to change their philosophy if they are going to continue being a dominant competitor in the mobile industry.. A name can only get you so far.. The way of the dinosaur they will go if they choose not to adapt to the needs of the consumer and the consumers expectations.. Which is change.. And although some will say that people will still buy even if they are a disappointed in Samy for not changing things like they couldve.. The point is that disappointment will lead into disloyalty.. Disloyalty will drive the consumer to search for something better.. And the next big thing won’t be Samy after a while.. People who are and we’re loyal to Samy are watching other companies because if Samy doesn’t do something about it.. They will face a very cruel reality.. And as we Game of Thrones fans say.. “Winter is coming”.. For Samy that is..

  • Eli Gaffke

    I feel like this is the Active phone and tomorrow they are going to have surprise event with the Prime phone everyone has been hoping for. Why bump up .1 over the S4? No OIS? Other six month old phones already have this.

    I find it weird this is the first time awhile there aren’t two processor phones. Because they can’t make with LTE. Usually it’s been the LTE markets get the half core number processor of the non LTE markets. I haven’t seen mention of this yet. I did read that Intel is signing deal to get their processor in the Galaxy 5 family of phones, maybe that will be the WOW factor phone?

    • jerrbomb

      I hope for everyone’s sake Samy is pulling everyone’s leg..

    • Slicktune

      I thought i was the only one thinking this…. Wasn’t there supposed to be 2 variants? One prime and the other standard? Can anyone confirm this?

      Thanks in advance!!

  • Bart

    I’m curious… I know you are an opinion writer and I’m fine with that. But I couldn’t help but notice the constant use of “we” and “us.” Who, besides yourself, felt this way? I also understand that a connoisseur of anything can develop a refined palate to the point that their tastes are nothing like that of the common consumer. I’ve noticed this with coffee, wine, movies, ice cream, and yes, even with tech. I am dismayed to read how readily you discount a 16mp camera and the other features because of a design “we” don’t like. So who is we and what is “we’s” qualifications?

    • Obz

      Moron, everybody feels the same way. Now stfu.

      • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

        No, no we don’t. Stay civil in the comments.
        Bart, to answer your question, we generally use the “we” to describe a unanimous opinion. None of us here at Android and Me were very impressed with the Galaxy S5, though all of us don’t quite share the same intensity in our feelings. Some of us want one, but none of us were blown away or had our expectations met.

    • krym73

      Exactly Everybody is shitting on Samsung for making the s5 look like the best selling phone of 2013, the s4… but give a standing ovation to the crap htc and Sony pulled out this year when they also look very similar to there predecessor which was NO where near sales as the s5.The s5 imo brings much more to the table than any of these other phones whom only “look” nice because they’re made to feel “premium”,but cut back in any good features like multi-screen, s-beam, and AirView.

  • mrjlwilliams

    Yep. Having a Note 3 is not so bad, because Sammy didnt really impress me either. Oh well, on to the next.

  • HeadDoc

    Underwhelmed is an understatement. First of all, I actually don’t want my high-tech devices to have a “faux leather” back, or anything else that smacks of “luxury.” Make it sleek, functional, and not slippery. I think this is a pretty ugly phone to be Apple’s only real competitor. More importantly, the specs are not groundbreaking, and the physical buttons belong on a midrange phone or worse. I have been stuck under contract with AT&T, and can’t replace my HTC One X+ until July without starving my children. HTC better have a removable battery on their next flagship, because the one in my phone is dying fast, so I have to carry an external back-up battery everywhere I go. Here is what we want: great screen (would it have killed Samsung to have each home screen be 5 icons wide like LG?); either 64 gb or more of built-in storage, or a micro sd card I can put apps on; removable battery (as big as possible please; I would rather have a phone 2 mm thicker that never dies, you?); stock Android or close to it; fast software updates (see previous item). That’s IT. It is not rocket science, but no one seems motivated to provide it. I may still buy this phone, as it might be the best option when I need to upgrade, but I won’t be too psyched.

    • hp420

      I stopped reading at “Apple’s only real competitor”….you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • tmcraver

    I honestly like the physical home button which in my opinion is more responsive than the virtual ones that the competition uses. Overall though I am a bit underwelmed by the device.

  • spectator123

    The lameness of the arguments in the article shows to me that the writer simply chose not to be impressed. Why did you fail to write about the innovative things the S5 brought? For me, the points the article mentions are less than impressive, as it also fails to read a shift of emphasis on Samsung’s side regarding the S5. Above all, what’s wrong with the design and TouchWiz? These questions are simply a cliché and raising them even today betrays the mentality, “once bad, always bad” (a mentality always destined to be unimpressive).

  • namesib

    There is npthing wrong with the physical button ffs. Are you really telling me you dislike the Note 3, for example, for the same reason?

    • hp420

      1 Yes, that and all other androids with physical buttons. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

      2 Physical buttons are not included in AOSP. They are ‘hacked’ in by manufacturers, and that makes them feel like imitation buttons. I won’t even consider a device with even one capacitive button. Any major changes to the firmware like that are enormous turn-offs to me and will result in moving on to another device 100% of the time.

    • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

      Absolutely nothing wrong with them! As someone who prefers on screen buttons, I’ll admit I like Samsung’s implementation of physical buttons. Waking the phone with the home button is gratifying.

  • Remuz

    Seems it always the same thing after Samsung or Apple release their flagships. People have big expectations for something mind-blowing and are so disappointed for gradual upgrade… and these things sell millions and millions of pieces. As long as this happens and there are no serious contestants the companies have no pressure to change their recipe too much and take risks. It wouldn’t make much sense from their perspective. In the end their goal is just to make profit.

  • redfro1979

    I feel underwhelmed with the s5 as well. I went from the s3 to the s4 and then the note3 and now the nexus 5. I loved Samsung phones for some of their software features and hated them for others. Touchwiz is like asking a pretty girl to prom. Then you show up at her door to find that she let her 3 year old niece smear makeup all over her face. You know there is something beautiful underneath but you can’t help but feel like she is going to start making balloon animals and working parties as a clown. My point being…tone down touchwiz Samsung! Sometimes on the software side, less is more. I’ll be keeping my eye on the z2, the next HTC and LG G3. Samsung clearly now is investing in “safe refinement” over innovation. I believe they will still sell a lot of phones but fortune will favor the bold. I bet even if HTC only incrementally updates the One, they will fair better than last year. At least they have figured out how to make a svelte phone. Unless everyone else drops the ball. I bet Samsung’s market share will shrink this year. I really don’t have brand loyalty. I will go with what impresses me most and that no longer looks to be Samsung. I bet we will be seeing HTC and these other “smaller” guys pushing the envelope more because they don’t have as much to loose as Sammy. Look at how T-Mobile has changed the carrier market. A lot of things have changed because #4 decided to mix things up. Now they need to just keep building out their infrastructure. That is my $.02 anyways

    • masterpfa

      Playing safe and quietly introducing ‘Tizen’ via the back door. First the watches next “The World”

      Samsung’s only responsibility if for itself and shareholders, so while Joe public will buy, on mass, why innovate? Dare I say it ‘The Sheep’ will follow. Many now don’t buy an Android phone, they buy a Samsung Galaxy phone and Samsung may try to use this to break free from Android with Tizen devices

      Who knows, but gamble they did not, with this design, I just wonder if their efforts are concentrated elsewhere?

      • Obz

        You need help

        • Richard Yarrell

          Samsung is android period nothing else matters.

          • jerrbomb

            Dude.. Go home.. And if you are home get out and look around you and stop saying the same thing over and over again..

          • hp420

            WHAT?????? Touchwiz is 100% not android. It’s touchwiz. That’s like saying Kubuntu and Lubuntu are still Ubuntu. They are not. They are forks. Would you say android is li ux, or call it a linux fork? They are not the same, and anyone whi says they are deserves every bit of flaming they get, because they obviously have absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about.

          • squiddy20

            You’re only saying that because Samsung has so much of the Android market share. If it were HTC up there, you be saying the exact same thing but sub in their name instead of Samsung’s. What a bandwagon jumping fanboy.
            Also, you logic is completely, idiotically invalid. As of 2013, Lenovo had the most Windows laptops/desktops. By your laughably ridiculous logic, Lenovo is Windows. To put it another way, Ford was the best selling auto brand in 2013. I guess that means Ford is all cars.
            You are so incredibly stupid.

      • hp420

        I hope they go all-in with Tizen and drop android completely. Maybe then the world will realize just how bad Samsung is at designing firmware and its GUI.

  • MattJ

    Unfortunately Samsung doesn’t need to push hard anymore. They are by far the biggest name in Android. Their marketing spend means they can out muscle all the other players and get the carriers to push their phones over all others. To most people that buy a Samsung they don’t even know they are buying an android phone it’s just a Samsung.

    For me Samsung are like the episode of the Simpsons where homer designs a car. They fill it to the brim with all manner of crap and features that look good on a demo but nobody needs in real life. Never has the saying “Less is More” been more appropriate. With Android all the hard work is done for you, you can add your own value without rewriting the whole OS. Samsung should be taking a good hard look at the Moto X to see how to do the software – but of course they won’t because they have no taste.

    As for the design of this phone. Well it’s shit. They should be embarrassed. A company with the resources of Samsung should be able to design something better than this. If this was a Nexus selling for $300 I could understand but this is a flagship phone and they just phoned it in.

    • masterpfa

      “As for the design of this phone. Well it’s shit”

      That line had me ROTFL
      Couldn’t have put it better.

  • masterpfa

    The Gold version

    Samsung WTF!

    Underwhelmed and looking elsewhere, this is not for me, not in the slightest.
    Even the Keynote was underwhelming.

    Keeping the same design may work for Apple with what most may consider a premium build (this I do agree), but not for the Galaxy series with their continual use of thing plastics.
    Let’s see what HTC have to offer, along with the iPhone, the HTC One is one of the best looking and built smartphones IMO let’s hope their release of their Flagship device does not disappoint either.

    • masterpfa

      ‘Thin plastic’ DOH

  • 00quantameister

    I definitely have to share the sentiment. Very underwhelmed by the GS 5. It feels like the Samsung’s Galaxy S 4S instead of a real S5. The last thing we need is Samsung resting on its laurels when Apple is prepping an iPhone 6 with a 5″ screen. I’ve read stores of a Galaxy S device with a 2K resolution screen, 64 bit processor, a metal body, far more RAM, & far more storage. Now I know what some of you are thinking. Don’t trust the rumor mill.

    But what I was referring to is the Vivo Xplay 3s with an actual 2K display, 3GB’s of RAM, a 4.5mm-thick metallic bezel, ESS Technology’s ES9018 DAC and Texas Instruments’ OPA2604 amplifier, & a 5-megapixel front-facing camera. This is more of what we wanted in a Galaxy S5. Now I know what you’re thinking again. What would I do with a 2K display? Every film shot on 35mm can be re-released in 2K. Some of us would pay for that. These Chinese manufacturers are quite ambitious & could end up out doing Samsung.

    We know that 64 bit processors are coming, 64 bit Android is on the way, & 2K displays have arrived. Samsung has lost its mojo. Unless the Note 4 has some impressive specs, I may give Samsung a pass this year.

    • Obz

      It feels more like the Galaxy S3 S+

  • mrdrh99

    I feel this leaves to door wide open for a company like Motorola. With the”barely there” skin on its new phones if they would come in with their incredible battery life, add quad core 800 and fix their camera situations…. with their build quality they would crush Samsung, apple, Sony….etv

  • Paul Atreides

    I’m honestly underwhelmed by the S5 but not to the extent I think it’s a bad device just probably isn’t the best device for me so I’ll wait it out with my S3 for now. Also, I must say you can tell a lot of people on these tech blogs couldn’t wait for Samsung to drop the ball lol. Chill bro, a few dots on the back cover doesn’t really warrant frothing at the mouth.

  • V

    I will never buy a Samsung phone, those things are hideous, plastic,crappy bloatware ridden devices that only grandparents buy. Samsung and apple have a great marketing team, but thats all it is, marketing. Sony and htc ftw.

  • rashad360

    The S5 is quite bland. I suppose Samsung just doesn’t want to take any chances with changing up the design. I hope we see some more innovation with Samsung’s side brands. Remember, the Note was once just an experimental spin off.

  • donger

    That band-aid.

  • anoopchauhan
  • http://www.androidandme.com Dima Aryeh

    I’ll admit, I wasn’t impressed with the device either. My gripes with it are physical design more than anything. But why am I hearing a constant “Samsung blew it, Sony/HTC is king!”? The HTC M8 is even more of an iterative update than the Galaxy S5, infinitely more so. The Xperia Z2, while seemingly an awesome device, isn’t much of an upgrade either. Plus with the speed that Sony releases products, it’ll be inferior in 6 months. Why is everyone praising Sony and HTC when they both did the exact same thing as Samsung? I get being underwhelmed, but don’t be ridiculous.

    • Paul Atreides

      Thank you, my sentiments exactly.

    • Steve

      You are absolutely right. The M8 is thae exact same, I will wait another 6 months for the 805 snapdragon. All these so called newphones, have the same specs as 6 months ago

    • krym73

      Thank you, that’s exactly what I’m thinking.

  • Orion78

    The two things that has prevented me from ever purchasing a Galaxy phone is Touchwiz and that damn home button. Until that changes, Samsung will never get business from me.

  • stan

    All this wait and all we got is a very uninspiring cell phone, im sick of the same look now for few years and I cant believe a company as big as this has run out of idea and being so creative, I have the s4 now and will never buy a samsung phone again.

    • krym73

      Bye felicia, I’m sure you’ll be back. Just because the grass looks greener on the other side doesn’t mean it always is.

  • Adham

    LOL, this was nothing like the leaks… Same old plastic design that Samsung won’t refuse to change. There was this serious, joyful anticipation while watching the launch event at MWC, Barcelona. Then all you see is just a slightly boosted S4, that has pumped it’s screen by 0.1″, same faux-smooth design, features that were stolen by Apple (I am not an Apple fanboy, I love Sony) like the fingerprint scanner, and just more bloatware that I’m sure no one’s going to use. I thought this was going to construct a new revolution, the next big thing, but Samsung failed to produce a big change. Sony Xperia Z2 is what you call a big change. With great enhancers such as the Triluminos display, BRAVIA engine, BIONZ, etc. this is surely worth £599. Also you’ve got 3GB RAM, super speedy quadcore processor… what could you want more from a good phone? Surely not a Samsung-styled one. (Although I was mad in love with Samsung, until the S5 came)

  • Richard Crigger

    Why advertise a phone as having 16 gb if you’re gonna put 8 gb of crapware on it. Advertise it as 8 gb and we know what we are getting

  • Steve

    I know htc m8 is made if premium material, but can anyone tell me why their better. Same specs as September

  • Steve

    I know htc m8 is made if premium material, but can anyone tell me why theirs is better? Same specs as September. I have owned all types of companys phonrs, but I wouls say my Note 2, is yhe greatest android I ever had. Running miui not touch wiz

  • VB

    I am over the Android world. Having used (at times two phone’s work and personal) the following iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Dell Streak, SGS1, Atrix, SGS3, HTC ONE and now I’m using an iPhone 5S as my sole phone.

    What’s my experience after all this? Stick with an iPhone and worry less about phone’s and more about “living” life. ;)

    • Subx

      Stick with your iCrap then! I don’t see why you would have any “worry”.
      You can’t be that happy with your iCrap if your still here reading about an Android based phone.

  • Subx

    See, typical of the the rumours. As in most cases, incorrect.
    As I stated in an earlier post in regards to the rumour, it was nothing like the rumours. I stated that and it seemed everyone jumped on me and said I was wrong.

    This is why we should never go by these rumours. These companies want to surprise us with their release. I do not think they are going to let information slip out that easily.

  • Red

    “physical buttons persisted” ..how is that going ‘backwards in design’? Physical buttons on a cellphone is supposed to be a good thing..at least, I’d rather a few physical buttons on a cellphone..having two for volume, and using the power on/off button for that purpose, as well as to hang up on calls as well. Maybe a few more , even programmable buttons for multimedia would be nice?

    Or, a sliding keyboard perhaps, as this is something that’s very useful to have & always nice to have. A piece of metal too that would protect your screen that you could flip up ( over too ) like a flip cellphone with a built-in speaker for calls..these together would make my dream phone.

    I think that this is a bit too early for the S5. Samsung should really wait on this one until they know for sure that this can be the next release..the S4 only just came out pretty much still..

    • crsmejia

      As long as the iPhone has a physical button, they will continue to persist.

  • SomeRandomCommentingGuy

    S5 isn’t that great. I was expecting 16k screen, a drop-resistant screen, a phone that could waterproof not only itself but me along with it. It should be able to float by me and follow me whereever I go. This isn’t innovation. It has a poor back design that I hate and can’t replace with a case or cover from somewhere else. I’m stuck with Touchwiz because Android doesn’t offer customization or launchers. 2.5 ghz and 2gb RAM is just pathetic. 16gb? Can’t even make that bigger myself in any way. And I want a new design. Stop copying Apple and making the same design each time! Do something new! This is why I use a Galaxy Note 3. The design changed amazingly from the last one since I can put the S Pen in facing either way. -_- I think people just expect too much and need to wait it out for Project Ara or Phonebloks to launch so they can customize it themself instead of expecting an amazing phone because rumors are just wonderful and make friendships last.

    • krym73

      I accidentally dumbed u down, but meant a thumbs up. Lol

    • crsmejia

      16K screen is stupid because you won’t notice the difference between it and full HD. How much RAM do you think you need? Apple doubles scores with only 1GB of RAM on their 5s. The only thing you make sense about is TouchWiz, it has to be re-innovated or turfed.

    • John in Brisbane

      Finally, someone speaking some sense :-)

  • crsmejia

    The Galaxy S5 IS an underwhelming phone. It doesn’t do much to change what Samsung should improve on. First of all the software should have been worked on. Instead of adding S-garbage Samsung should have solidified Android and make it much better. New gimmicks isn’t going to make this phone better. I won’t be buying one. I have an S4 and don’t see the need to upgrade. Seeing how long it takes to get Android upgrades my next purchase will be a Nexus device.

  • GE918

    I’m still in love with my Note 3.
    Different strokes for different folks. If you Don’t like the S5 don’t buy it. Do you hate every car other than the one you own?

    In my life variety is the spice of life.


  • techmaster

    i was looking forward to the galaxy s5…but now im very disappointed… Hmmm i wonder what the HTC camp is up to :D

  • AllKnowing

    Is it just me or does the GS5 look like a giant GS2? I liked the direction Samsung was heading with the galaxy s3 and s4, curved edges and edge to edge screen,

  • John in Brisbane

    Ultimately, we can comment all we like and vote each others’ comments up and down but the GS5 will rule the roost for sales. When a good device is relatively unknown we’re the people who create the buzz by recommending it, buying it and talking about it. I hate the term but we’re the “opinion leaders” that marketers talk about. Now though, the Samsungs are completely mainstream and non-enthusiasts are on board. It is on peoples’ radars so the mainstream marketing machine will simply swing into action and talk to the large population of users, while probably snagging a stack of people who’ve been on the fence.

    We know that the new model doesn’t ride the crest of the wave this time. We know that other models are probably as good or better now. I’ve been at this point with other products in other sectors though and once this point is reached, it can take ages before the market catches up with this change. And to be frank, a lot of manufacturers do this on purpose. Sure, they want to stay on top. But they know that they can take advantage of the lag between reality and sales and cash in a bit with higher profits. The opposition will focus on products that are better in some ways (like looks) while making the transition from a Samsung easy.

    BTW – mods – I tick the boxes for notifications every time I comment but never get emails despite confirming via email straight away. Something aint right.

  • Andrew Stuart

    The reason why samsung S5 failed to impress us are http://goo.gl/M8GudW

  • Grundlepunch

    Switched to s5 from an iPhone 5. Some neat features that iPhone obviously doesn’t have however in some regards I feel that my iPhone out performs the s5. Streaming anything has been an issue on the s5. Speed seems to be an issue too. IPhone seems to load pages a bit faster. Just what I’ve noticed. Anyways I have to agree feeling pretty underwhelmed here.

  • Christo

    Am also completely underwhelmed with the s5. Swapped over from HTC one xl due to battery life and have regretted doing so ever since. Love the camera but hate the software. Cannot wait for the stable release of Cyanogenmod for the s5! Hate having to manually reconnect wifi and find the interaction with my pc shitty! Getting around problems slowly and will eventually claw back what I lost by swapping manufacturers. Pity HTC have also dropped the ball with tbeir latest toy.