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FreedomPop 4G Hotspot Plus Free Internet Offer


FreedomPop, the company behind ’100% Free Internet’, was founded a little over two years ago, backed by Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom with the idea that “The Internet is a Right, and not a Privilege”. Since then, they’ve added coverage with Sprint’s nationwide 3G and 4G LTE, and most recently brought on Android phones featuring Free Talk, Text, and Data. Deal hunter sites have featured the small carrier as a great way to save money every month on mobile data plans and providing features that the larger carriers just can’t replicate.

FreedomPop’s free tier offers customers 500MB of 4G data each month without a monthly fee or contract with speeds up to 6 Mbps down and 1-2 up, you can pay $3.99 a month for their “Speed Plus” service unlocks double those speeds.

Need more data? You can earn it by adding Freedom Friends, downloading apps, signing up for other services and more. You can also just pay to upgrade to a 2GB plan for $17.99 a month. Another add-on that is worth considering is rollover data. For $3.99 a month you can bank up to 20GB of data so if you are a heavy data user that could prove worth the cost. These plans and services are available on Sprint’s 4G WiMAX network. You can check their coverage map here.

Something to note on all of the FreedomPop plans is that once you get within 100MB of your data limit for the month it will automatically “top-up” with 1GB of data for $10 unless you turn that setting off. That isn’t a bad price by any means, the $10 is added as credit to your account and never expires.

Now obviously you need to consider the services you want and the coverage map, but FreedomPop can offer a huge savings. Verizon’s prepaid hotspot starts at $15 a week for 250MB or $60 a month for 3GB. AT&T’s prepaid option is $50 for 5GB. The only carrier that comes even remotely close is T-Mobile at $20 a month for 500MB or $30 for 2.5GB.

Does FreedomPop sound like something that might work for you? If so, the special offer that we have worked out with FreedomPop might push you over the top. For just $25 you’ll receive a FreedomPop Photon Platinum hotspot, a 2,000 mAh external battery, free shipping and a free trial of the 2GB plan for your first month with FreedomPop. As with all their plans there is no contract making this basically risk free and if you find that you won’t use 2GB in a month you can always drop down to the free 500MB plan before that first month is up.

Source: FreedomPop Special Offer

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  • Phil

    This is a great offer. Thanks for posting. Will be a lifesaver when I travel next month.

  • donger

    Not bad.

  • kuddus

    Very good initiative for the right of free Internet. Thanks for nice post.

  • patrick

    Why doesn’t FreedomPop publish an actual coverage map showing all its current coverage areas as say, Verizon, T-Mobile or any of the other major providers do. That way I could see if this service is sufficiently broadly available to be practical.

    FreedomPop’s methodology of showing coverage availability by requiring input of individual locations via zip codes to see if you’ve got lucky and have coverage is a frustrating sort of roulette way of finding coverage areas.

  • Rob

    I go on the freedompop site and all they do is show me the 2gb plan, with very sketchy details and no price of how to get a hotspot device with free 500mb/mo data. As I understand it you cannot bring your own hotspot device, only a few specific phones, yet they show devices that you can activate and the Sprint mifi 4082 is there. From what I hear people wait nearly an hour to get through to their customer service, and still sometimes get the wrong answers. I’d like to try 500mb/mo if I could get the Sprint mifi 4082 for around $50, without adding 2gb/mo which will be hard to cancel.

  • ChrisJ

    Let me explain how this actually goes. As far as I can figure, you can’t really avoid at least one fee unless you make a call and deal with a person. Via the website, it is confusing and difficult to figure what you’re really doing. If you don’t drop to the free plan before the Premiere trial ends, you end up getting charged right at the end of the trial. If you do cancel the trial before that, it will APPEAR that you have switched to the free 500MB plan but all that has happened is that you have cancelled the TRIAL — but it then switches you right over to the NOT free Premiere plan, and you’re then promptly charged for a month of Premiere. This is despite the fact that the website will show that you are now on the free 500MB. There is some sort of disconnect between what you see and what is really going on. Should you either attempt to call to downgrade early or to fix the mess you’ve made (and inadvertently gotten billed) by killing the free month of Premiere, you wait on hold for a very long time to talk to “Bob” in India and then you’ll stay on the phone with him (being put on hold over and over again for extended periods as he goes for help) for another 30-45 minutes. He may or may not resolve it, and he will not offer to refund the overbill but will offer instead to give a prorated credit for the time between the charge and when you called. If you stick firm he will agree to a full refund, which is supposed to happen in 5-7 days, but you will probably not see anything happen even after 3 weeks. When you call back to ask what happened to your credit, you’ll wait on hold again for an hour, then talk to someone who will keep you for another 15 minutes as they try to figure out what has happened, and in the end they will probably do what the first guy was supposed to do and credit your account in about a week. Absolutely MISERABLE way of doing things — and I to this day see no way of avoiding a fee without proactively CALLING to downgrade and make have them promise that they have done this (and be ready for a lot of hold time). Further, the free 500MB is really a lie. Either you have “auto top-off” enabled and you’re automatically charged for topping off when you reach 400MB, or you have it disabled and you only get to 400MB before you’re cut off. So if you do receive a top-off, you will get that next 100MB for free, but you’ve been made to buy another block before you can use it. Finally, the service does work, but coverage is nonexistent outside the main part of large cities (Atlanta loses it outside the perimeter) and within the coverage area the throughput is fairly poor. Was it worth the $15 I paid for the GroupOn? Ehhhhh…. It was handy once in a while when I needed to use my tablet inside the city and no WiFi was available. But it was a heck of a lot of time spent to make it truly “free” beyond the cost of the $15 hardware.

  • DavidR

    My experience was the same as ChrisJ’s. Chris is not exaggerating.

  • Chuck

    will this work in the Philippines? do I need to unlock it? please help?