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Google Keyboard updated, adds Personalized Suggestions from other Google services


Google Keyboard is definitely a competent Android app, but big players like SwiftKey generally tend to overshadow it. That doesn’t mean Google Keyboard is bad, just that SwiftKey is fantastic. Today Google is taking a page from SwiftKey’s book and introducing Personalized Suggestions, though it’s done a little differently in Google’s app.

SwiftKey allows you to get personalized suggestions after logging into a few services in its settings. Google’s Personalized Suggestions uses other Google services, which is quite a big database to draw from. It’s also automatically enabled, though you’re warned about it the first time you open the app and you can also easily disable it. Another new Google Keyboard feature is an animation for the little letters that pop up when you hit a key. It’s now smoother and so, so pretty. This is an amazing touch.

Overall this is a nice update to an already great keyboard, and it’s even pushed me to give Google Keyboard another go. It may not take Swiftkey’s spot in my heart, but change is good every once in a while. Download the update on your device or hit the widget below to get to the latest version and then leave your thoughts on it in the comments!


Via: Droid-Life

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  • Ryan Paredez

    I still love my SwiftKey!

  • sandwich

    “Not available in your country”?!? A keyboard???

  • Bethy

    I absolutely love gesture typing. Swype was my first love, but google’s is good too. Just takes a couple days to get used to the new feel.

  • donger

    Got the update.

  • Todd

    Got the update. I thought I would give it a try, I have been using Swiftkey since it was beta and love it. Google keyboard has an annoying feature; when you choose a recommended word, it does not but a space after the word. I also do not like the punctuation menu since all the punctuation is in the same place. I would like a separate comma key. I am switching back until the next update.

  • Albin

    Nitwit fan baby comments on this. Goo Goo mucus. What about a keyboard without numbers and special characters? Love mucus.