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Google Search updated with ‘Take a photo’ and ‘Take a video’ voice commands


Google Search has been incredibly useful ever since it gained Google Now in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With voice commands, cards that appear when you need them and easy access to the app, Google Now changed the way many of us go about our lives. And best of all, Google is constantly adding more features to the app for free!

The latest addition to the Google Search app is the ability to launch your device’s camera using your voice. You can say “Take a photo” or “Take a video” and Google Now will launch you into the appropriate camera mode. It’s nifty and pretty fast, but I can’t imagine any use for it at the moment. This is useless for everyone without Google Now Launcher, because the few button presses it would take to get into Google Now would get you into the camera. And even with Google Now Launcher, the device has to be unlocked. You could enter the camera from the lockscreen instead.

This feature could be useful for the Moto X and other always-listening devices. Without touching the phone, you could launch the camera and have it be ready to snap some photos. What I want to know is this: What about smartwatches? Will they be able to use this new functionality? Is it designed for use with Android Wear as well? We’ll have to find out.

If you want to update Google Search, head to the Play Store on your device or hit the widget below to get to the latest version. Then enter Google Now and give these new voice commands a go! It works well on my Moto X, though I can’t see myself ever using it on my Note 3. Tell us your thoughts on this new feature in the comments!


Via: Android Guys

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  • donger

    What can’t Google do?

    • elsantomoto

      Google can’t Yahoo!

  • DroidSamurai

    I have the Moto X, and I can tell you that it’s really not that useful in the current form. If it doesn’t just launch the camera, but actually take a picture, or start recording video, then I would definitely love it.