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Instagram gets updated with performance boost and flat, redesigned UI

Instagram Update 1

Despite countless new services coming out, Instagram remains popular and widely used. I myself have gone back to using Instagram. It’s a strangely compelling service. However, with the latest update, it has gotten significantly better. Though this update doesn’t add any new features, it’s still awesome.

Instagram Update 2

This update redesigns the user interface. Instead of the old and ugly interface, you’ll see flat design everywhere. It’s actually quite appealing, though not as much as a Holo redesign would be. Along with the pretty new user interface comes a performance boost, according to Instagram.

The update is definitely much appreciated and should attract a few more “Android purists” who demand a cohesive look to their apps. While Instagram is not quite Holo styled, it somewhat looks the part. Head to the Play Store on your device or hit the widget to download the update, and tell us what you think!


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  • victoria nuland

    wow didnt know people still use instagram

  • donger

    Awesome for selfies.

  • gmaninvan

    And yet it still looks like a friggin iPhone app, right down to the sliders in the settings. They actually updated it to look like iOS 7. So dumb. Someone there seriously needs to read the Holo guidelines and:

    - Fix the sliders
    - Replace the instagram text with the logo in the top left corner
    - Replace the top left arrows with the holo arrow
    - take the options at the bottom of the screen and put them in a slide out drawer

    And you still can’t zoom in on pictures. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised now that they are owned by facebook. Facebook couldn’t make a decent app if it killed them.