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Solid Explorer gets Chromecast treatment, now able to stream local media

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Chromecast support is growing fast as an increasing number apps add support for Google’s little streaming device. We already have popular apps like Chrome Beta supporting Chromecast that allow you to stream content that providers may not have added support for themselves. But what about local content? There are a few options available, and Solid Explorer is the newest.

Solid Explorer is a popular file explorer app for Android, and its newest feature is a plug-in made by the app’s developers. When browsing local content on your device using Solid Explorer, you will now be able to stream it to your Chromecast using the plug-in.

The feature isn’t perfect yet, but all new Chromecast integration starts out a bit buggy. Plus, it’s free and you can give it a shot with the Solid Explorer trial (the app unlocker costs $1.99). Tell us how what you think of it in the comments!



Via: Droid-Life

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  • HectorPA

    Keep on lining up for Google products — Google is tracking your every move, every click you make, every channel you watch, every place you visit, and if you have a “smart’ TV, Google has the ability to turn on that cute little camera and mic without your knowledge or permission. It already happened in the UK — every word spoken in a house was sent to Google’s servers. Yep — keep on praising the monitors. Bow down to the almighty Google.

    • BlazeHN

      Even if such thing were true… so? Its not like our boring common lifes have ultra secrets worth of watch, I find funny how people freak out so much about monster big companies like the goverment watching their lifes, guess what? they find it boring! they wont hear your office gossips and such, they dont care, you are not that much important.

      • jake

        And no need to worry about the King’s fury as long as the King likes you, right?

  • jake

    I thought this was exactly what Google was blocking on the Chromecase. Did they change their mind?

    • Dima Aryeh

      They weren’t blocking streaming local media specifically, they were blocking people making apps without the official SDK, which wasn’t available at the time. Google has released the official SDK and allowed people to make whatever they want for the Chromecast recently.