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Touchless Control for Motorola devices updated with “What’s Up?” command

Motorola Moto X

Touchless Control is an amazing, innovative feature on modern X8-powred Motorola devices like the Moto X and some of Droids. It allows you to speak to your phone without touching it, eliminating the need to turn on the screen first. This always-listening ability is powered by a special core in the X8 chip that helps to reduce battery drain.

To make adding features easier and faster, Motorola has uploaded the Touchless Control app to the Play Store so that it can be updated independently of the firmware. The latest update to the app includes an awesome new feature that allows you to say “What’s Up?” to the device and have it respond with the time and your notifications.

Alternatively, you can say “Read Notifications” if you’d like. The update also comes with enhanced end-of-speech detection and a bunch of bug fixes. Here is the full changelog:

  • Enhanced end-of-speech detection for improved accuracy and faster responses
  • New “What’s Up” / “Read Notifications” voice command that reads out new notifications so you never miss a thing
  • “What’s Up” / “Read Notifications” fully launched for U.S. English, Spanish, and Italian and in beta for other languages / regions.
  • Compatible only with Android 4.4 KitKat
  • Bug fixes

It’s awesome that Motorola keeps adding features to its existing phones. The support that it’s provided thus far has been nothing short of amazing. Update the app through the Play Store and give these new features a shot!


Via: Droid-Life

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