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HTC shares details on design process for new HTC One

2014 HTC One

Whenever a new flagship is released, people always want to know more about it. The HTC One has garnered much praise for its design, and people are naturally curious about what went into it. The folks over at The Verge decided to dig a little deeper into this and interview some of the team at HTC to gather more details. The full interview can be found by following the source link below, or read on for the highlight reel.

While the 2013 HTC One had a beautiful design, HTC worked to improve it even more this year. They took a look at things like how the phone felt in the hand and used those to change some aspects, such as the edges. The new One replaces the sharp, machined edges with a smoother metal curve. HTC also looked at the software to see how it could be improved. Sense 6 has been redesigned to be simple and cohesive. Button arrangements have been changed, menus have been eliminated and apps have been color coded.

Something also mentioned was the fact that HTC is working to put more emphasis on its features. Additions such as Duo Camera, BlinkFeed and Boomsound are all used as marketing features that HTC can use to advertise its device. These features can be used to lure people into buying the One based on the features that it carries, similar to what Samsung has done in the past with its Galaxy S phones. The entire video is interesting and worth a watch.

Brad Molen of Engadget¬†also had a chance to sit down with HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou, and discuss the hardware design of the One. Chou, who has a background in product management, had an influential role in the design. Chou talked about the fact that the M8′s design takes cues from pieces of fine jewelry and watches. He even went so far as to carry a wooden model of the new One in his pocket to see how the design felt both in his pocket and in his hand. You can check out the full article via the source link.

What do you guys think of the new One’s design? Good, bad or ugly?

Source: The Verge, Engadget

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