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Spec showdown: HTC One (M8) versus the competition

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The all new HTC One has landed! We’re working on getting some quality hands-on time with the device at HTC’s launch event in New York City, but we thought you’d enjoy seeing how HTC’s flagship phone stacks up against the competition when it comes to pure specs. On paper, the new HTC One (M8) is fairly comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Sony, Samsung, and HTC have their minor differentiating hardware factors and magic sauce that they’ve baked into the software, but the biggest differences are most noticeable when you compare the external design of the phones.

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If you’re looking to buy the best spec’d phone, you should probably consider the Sony Xperia Z2, but features like BoomSound, Duo Camera, a fingerprint scanner or even a heart rate monitor make Samsung and HTC’s flagship phones appealing options since they offer something unique to the smartphone experience.

Did HTC get specs right with the all new HTC One?

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  • Lane

    Should add that both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 have IR blasters as well.

    • BlazeHN

      Didnt knew that one, I use the IR blaster on my Note 3 A LOT, basically I control all of my home devices with my phone (projector, Home Theater, A/C, etc) So having it on the HTC One is very welcomed.

      • Lane

        Me too! I also set up the TVs at a couple bars I visit and pretty much everybody’s TVs at my family’s houses. It is like freaking magic!

    • Tommy

      And they put dust/water proof by z2 amd not by the s5, which is.

  • victoria –feck EU– nuland

    its okay

  • redraider133

    Seems the camera is still the weak point looking at the photo comparisons posted on other sites. Htc really could have had a winner if they bumped up the ultra pixel to at least 8mp

    • Nate B.

      I keep telling people mega pixels do count when backed up by the right hardware. You can add hardware and software all you want, but with only 4mp you won’t produce what these other phones are producing. They also have the same features to let more light in and do better in low light etc.

      • redraider133

        I agree. I am not saying they should have went the samsung route with 10+ mp, but it seems similar complaints from the original one are present with the new one and the camera as well.

      • edhe

        Pixel count does matter when you’re cropping out your kids from scenes.

    • Jimmy_Jo

      Or at least 6MP. HTC makes great hardware but they always do something to mess it up.

  • jp

    According to the chart the M8 has a 4MP rear camera? Please say thats a typo.

    • jamal adam

      Sad to say but that’s not a typo at all.

  • jamal adam

    That 4 Ultrapixel looks so out of place compared to everything else.

  • Garrett

    I would totally love to go with the Z2, but there has been absolutely no word of the thing releasing state side. Companies soft releasing a phone and then going completely silent is one of the most annoying things in the tech world. What good is this amazing phone you’re showing off if a month later there is still no word on a release date, or even whether or not the phone is even releasing in an entire region.

  • donger

    It’s gonna be either the Z2 or the M8.

  • Derek R-C

    Obviously the camera is the weakest part of the One but for me, not a big deal. I actually like that it rates highest on taking the picture quickly. It is a great camera for my needs.

    My biggest concern for the One is that battery. Just barely bigger than the Nexus 5 and much smaller than the other flagships. Obviously there is more than just the specs but it is still not a good start.

    • svede

      My old Droid Razr had horrible battery life but I’m very pleased with the HTC One. I get 2 days out of it with average use. In standby (like overnight) it only uses a few percent.

  • Jokerboi

    Using a s3 so it will feel like a big upgrade, main things that would stop me from choosing

    Sony z2, not my cup of tea, not so special compared to others, have top specs and is water and dust proof which is nice but that’s about it isn’t all about specs for me and Sony UI is bland not as good as the others

    HTC M8, poor camera only 4mp which is a shame lowlight is nice but daylight performance is more important, it doesn’t have to be up there with 16 or 20 but at least 8 for more detail, we know rest of the phone is amazing, sense 6 is nice but knowing touch wiz and Kit Kat has some better features and ios7 is the best, is disappointing because I’m greedy and want the best

    Maybe a bit of a Samsung fan boy but I’m not blind and I agree S5 is a little bit disappointing, people say nothing special just bit better than s4 same boring design, well its same for iPhone 5 to 5s, HTC one to HTC one m8, my first impressions was its got good specs but expected better maybe the hype didn’t help expected or wished, a new design, looks a bit boring and not a fan of the dimple back, metal phone would be nice, they gave us the ISO cell camera but no OIS, no edge to edge display I really like the idea but bezels seems thicker than s4 and was hoping at least have thin bezels like the g2, ip67 is nice, battery isn’t as big thought maybe at least 3000mah to match the g2, speaker placement wasn’t expecting on the front but at least like the note 3, but it’s still on the back which I don’t get why, I prefer no on screen buttons, more screen, its durable and it has a top display, fingerprint scanner isn’t as good as apples which feels second rate and the heart monitor which would be useful for some and to be healthier which is important but maybe a bit too much having it on a phone because maybe I don’t use it at all then its a waste, and new touch wiz which they’ve made an effort to improve it but its still not as pretty as sense or ios7 and some features like HTC knock to wake, iPhone camera from lock screen, on the Samsung if you have password you can’t use lock screen camera which is poor, all in all, its disappointing wanted Samsung to do well but maybe I’m a bit more critical of Samsung

    Note 3, to note 4 will be a bigger s5 with S pen functions amazing battery life, top specs, but its a bit big for me

    LG g2 was almost the perfect phone if only the s5 was like this, has good specs thin bezels OIS camera but its an LG and the back buttons are not as nice but the main thing is LG’s UI is ugly but maybe if LG G3 is redesigned and then maybe

    Nexus 5, Kit Kat is not as pretty as ios7 but has nice google now features but I don’t really talk to my phone and it has some weak points like knowing its a bit bland compared to what HTC and Samsung provide but nexus 6 will be cheap and next android version could be amazing, specs wise it will be decent

    iPhone 5s, still the benchmark most all rounder, what ever the competition is lacking it has it mostly covered, nice phone design, ios7 is very pretty, apps work and look better on ios7 most of the time, decent camera only 5s is too small if iPhone 6 is made bigger like 5 inch and has the rumoured Edge To Edge display then it could be my next phone depending on the competition, I know its not as open and sharing is not as good but I think I can manage without it (maybe)

    I think all brands are very close and have strong competition, you can’t go wrong with any just depends on which suits your needs the best
    looking forward to it

    p.s I know that was bloody long never again haha,
    what do you think?