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All new HTC One Duo Camera, price and software details revealed in leaked brochure


There’s a lot that we already know about the all new HTC One, but a newly leaked brochure gives us a little more insight into the dual-camera setup on the back of the phone along with a few HTC Sense 6 details and the phone’s price.

The leaked brochure reveals that the camera setup on the back of the phone will be referred to as the Duo Camera, offering improved low light performance, refocusing after the image is snapped, background softening and 3D effects. None of these features will be unique to the all new HTC One, but the Duo Camera should offer

All new HTC One Telstra brochure

All new HTC One Telstra brochure

improvements over what the competition has to offer, because the device will be able to measure depth perception and snap two pictures simultaneously.

HTC Sense 6 will be a simpler experience, introducing double tap to wake and swipe gestures to access favorite apps or social media feeds. The brochure also reveals Telstra’s $840 AUD (roughly $760 USD) off-contract price for the all new HTC One – roughly 6% less than the $899 AUD price tag expected for the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2.

Do you think the unibody aluminum chassis, unique Duo Camera capabilities and simplified user experience on the all new HTC One enough to get HTC back in the game?

Source: GSM Arena

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  • pekosROB

    If this is true, and the ultrapixel is bumped up from a 4MP to at least 8 MP, I will really, really, REALLY be regretting buying my G2 and not waiting for this phone. Damn!

    • pekosROB

      But I’m sure just about everyone at AndroidandMe knows this from my last post. lol :-D

  • BlazeHN

    I think 5-6MP would be fine, more than that its just unnecesary really, we watch our media 99.99% of time on small screens or even big ones but on 1080p resolution max, we really dont zoom in every single picture to watch resolution details, I think MP are waaaaaaay overated, 5MP its perfect.

    • Nate B.

      Are they overrated? Yes. But you will not get the same results as today’s cameras even if supported with the same tech. It’s the newly tech that support the increased MP. It’s not like it’s an issue to have more MP. The quality is improving as they get bigger and more advanced tech are applied to it to increase the quality.

  • Scotter

    I heard the new camera is going to be 5 megapixel with an fstop of 1.8 (lower is better).

  • donger

    Want it now.

  • Steve Barry

    I’ve had a Samsung phone since the OG Galaxy and now have the GS3. Obviously due for an upgrade soon, and this is probably going to be it. With the duo camera, front facing speakers, and seemingly less bloat (like you could get any more) than the GS5, I don’t see any reason why not to give HTC a try.

  • steve99

    It is a little pricey. I don’t understand how all these phones are under 400 bucks, even ones with 800 snapdragon and Samsung and HTC still think 800?

    • steve99

      I would wait a few months, until it is 600 because it will be.

      • SubX

        It sure will. Just 2 months after the One’s release, Harvey Norman were selling it for $629. That’s when I grabbed mine.

  • steve99

    I am way more excited about the htc one plus one. Now there’s a phone that’s different and offers me things others don’t

  • redraider133

    I am interested to see how it performs. If they improved the areas where the original one struggled, I definitely will consider it.

    • SubX

      The original has never struggled! Give me one example and don’t say the camera or SD slot. I’m not going down the camera, SD slot argument again. It’s old news and for me the camera is perfect. 32gig and after a little under a year, still I have over 10gig free.

      So please, where does it struggle?

      • SGB101


      • redraider133

        battery, and camera was nice in low light but that was about it. A simple google search will show all the issues with the camera, and that isn’t even talking about it just being 4 mp.

      • Nate B.

        The camera was far from perfect. It wasn’t terrible but there are plenty of other phones that take much better pictures. And honestly it was one of their weakest areas. It could get you by but when you experience better you don’t wanna go back or just settle. It lacked detail and sharpness. Yea, performed well in low light, but how many people wanna take all of their pictures in the dark or bad lighting? It’s good to have that feature and all phones should improve in that area, but that doesn’t make up for the camera overall. It was and still is a great phone, but no phone is perfect. Be honest.

        • SGB101

          The camera may not be the best, (well it’s not), but I disagree about the ‘how many people in dark light’ remark. I thing almost all people take shots in bad light, and any camera can take a decent picture in good outdoor light.

          It’s in the house, pub, party etc when you want a decent low light camera, for evey day shots. If you into photography you will have a standalone camera for your hobby /special occasion shots and the phone for snaps.

          Most people just want snaps.

          To prove part of what I have said, I have just swapped my note for a moto g, the camera isn’t good, and terrible inside, but takes an acceptable shot outside. I’d rather it have a better lowlight, but it’s $99 device. Not bad as it replaced a $600 one.

      • Eli Gaffke

        Weird Sense overlay. Not having a normal notification pull down.

  • jamal adam

    I’m really excited about this camera experience and if HTC can deliver on a great experience and image quality then it’s going to be fantastic. I feel that one of the main complaints of the original One is the 4MP and it only makes sense that this new One will have an 8MP or 12MP camera.

  • puteraamyzie

    Strong and full power star