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All New HTC One gets 16/4MP camera spec, shown near other devices and it’s massive

HTC One dummy comparison 01

We know almost everything there is to know about the successor to the HTC One, also called the HTC One. Pretty much all the info we could want has been leaked out, including photos, specs and even walkthroughs of the hardware and software. However, the camera has stayed somewhat mysterious… until now.

Today, a Chinese TENAA listing provided all the specs we already know, but threw in some camera specs for good measure. It lists a 16-megapixel resolution and a 4-megapixel resolution, representing the two cameras on the back of the device. It seems that the 4-megapixel sensor is probably an UltraPixel sensor for low light, while the 16-megapixel sensor will be used for high-quality daytime shots. This will likely be explained by HTC at next week’s launch event, and we hope the company still has something interesting to reveal about the new One’s cameras.

Additionally, several new photos have surfaced that show an all new HTC One dummy unit compared to a bunch of other devices, including the iPhone 5s, Galaxy S4, LG G2 and Xperia Z1. As expected, the HTC One is a damn big phone. Upgrading from the 4.7-inch display of the original One to a 5-inch display while also keeping its giant bezels isn’t doing this device any favors, even if it does look sexy as hell.

If you want to see more photos, check out the gallery below of the large, thick and pretty HTC One. And of course, tell us what you think in the comments!

HTC One dummy comparison 01 HTC One dummy comparison 02 HTC One dummy comparison 03 HTC One dummy comparison 04 HTC One dummy comparison 05 HTC One dummy comparison 06 HTC One dummy comparison 07 HTC One dummy comparison 08 HTC One dummy comparison 09 HTC One dummy comparison 10 HTC One dummy comparison 11 HTC One dummy comparison 12 HTC One dummy comparison 13 HTC One dummy comparison 14 HTC One dummy comparison 15 HTC One dummy comparison 16

Via: Pocket Now
Source: TENAA, nowhereelse.ft

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  • sandwich

    I kinda wish HTC would surprise everyone and dub the thing the HTC Two. Just, y’know, for sanity’s sake. :p

    • pekosROB

      I thought that would actually make a whole lot of sense before they decided to name it the “All New One.”

      I’m really glad to see a 4 MP for lowlight and 16 MP for other photos. This makes me want to ditch my G2 and grab “One.” See what I did there? :-)

      • pekosROB

        Now we find out it definitely has a 4 MP + 2 MP camera for depth. Let’s hope their image processing is really good.

  • jeddo45

    That is such a nice looking phone! It almost beats the S5…almost…

    • Larry Whorley

      That is so laughable. Did you think of that all on your own?

  • jamal adam

    I’m excited for that camera and the tech behind it. I wonder if the camera’s are going to work in tandem and combine the pictures that each is able to take because that would be interesting and might provide even better shots both in low light and daylight situations. Just under 6 days left till the big announcement and we get to be treated to all things One.

  • Galen20K

    So the new htc One 2014 will have a 16MP camera in “addition” to the 4 Ultrapixel camera… I’m very much on board w/ that idea :D My launch htc One “Classic” has never let me down and although its true this new One is huge, it’s also VERY MUCH sexy still. That finish…. *drool**

  • surethom

    Maybe they mean a 4 megapixel front camera & the combined 2 back cameras make a 16 megapixel photo? Can’t wait to see the user camera samples.

  • sere83

    Im sorry but this retardation has to stop. These manufacturers have lost the damn plot. There is a complete misconception that has swept the industry that everyone wants a giant comedy phone, which is simply not true. No one apart from sony is catering for people who want a normal sized device. Its becoming a joke.

    • Landon

      Take a gander at Sony’s sales numbers compared to bigger phones by other manufacturers. These sales numbers directly contradict your statement. Phone manufacturers aren’t stupid. They follow the money. Big sells currently. Typed this on my Galaxy Note 3.

      • sere83

        Theres this phone you may have heard of called the iphone mate, you should maybe check out the sales on that. Oh and by the way its screen is 4 inches…

        • sere83

          ..and if you only sell big phones then of course the sales numbers will contradict it, doesn’t mean people want big phones. Look at the moto G, sold pretty damn well aswell.

          • Landon

            IPhone is Apple. Apple has a brand loyalty that would give them the ability to sell brown turds with their brand. So many people use iPhones and blindly never try anything else. In my personal experience 7/10 people prefer a bigger screen when they try it. The problem is, many iPhone users never try anything else. This hardly means bigger screens aren’t preferred- 7/10 is a majority and that’s where phone makers are going. Look at global phone sales and tell me bigger screens aren’t more popular and make more financial sense for manufactures. You mark my words. IPhone 6 will be available in a larger screen size. Apple doesn’t do things that don’t make financial sense. The majority of consumers want bigger screens so you can either fall in line with where the market is going or stick with lower end small phones that manufacturers have very little incentive to make. Don’t throw snark, unbacked iPhone stats at me. Even they prove you’re wrong.

      • jond11

        What did you just say you typed that comment on, the Samsung Note lag, I mean 3, sorry! Anyways hate to bust your logic, but screen size sell ‘s to a select market when it’s big like the Note series. Other wise the Note would out sell the S4, 3, ect…, but it doesn’t. And you saying your typing on the Note only shows your loyalty to Samsung, so don’t use the excuse about people being blind to other markets and only using g Apple. Why didn’t you say you were typing on the ONE MAX, or the G PRO, or a list of other huge phones. I know plenty of people that bought a S4 and switched back to the iphone. And that has nothing to do with loyalty, but everything to do with the fact that it’s a phone and should be easy to use with one hand. And for the price of those phones people hated the fact of how much lag comes with a Samsung device, while the iphone operates smoothly and fast. As for myself, I had the Note2 and loved the screen size but couldn’t stand how horrible it operates. So beings that I am a android fan, I bought a phone that’s worth the money I pay for them. Finally HTC figured out how your phone should operate with the HTC ONE. Besides I have the Nexus 7 for media consumption, no need to carry a tablet for a phone. My point is, you are No different than Apple loyalists to a device. Actually Samsung fans are different, know matter what crap they bring to the table I still see guys like you bragging how great of a device it is. I’m sure if the iphone would start having a bunch of lag they would lose many of there buyer’s. At least with apple fans they stay loyal to a premium device, same can’t be said for android fans. While the HTC ONE was clearly the best Android device to date, it’s sales numbers didn’t reflect that compared to the S4. Why is that if android fans are different than Apple loyalists? The bottom line is the iphone out sold any other device by a LARGE margin and only has a 4 inch screen

        • Landon

          My Note 3 has absolutely no lag issues whatsoever. Smoothes device I’ve owned. Just for the record, the Note 3 was my first and only Samsung device and you immediately jump to the conclusion that I’m a loyalist? Your bad English is only trumped by your stupidity, good sir.

    • Spanky

      I definitely agree. If the current trend for high end Android phones is “the bigger, the better”, I may have to look elsewhere next time I upgrade. I’m not interested in carrying a brick.

      • Landon

        Better look quick. IPhone will be getting bigger soon.

      • Landon

        Better look quick. IPhone will be getting bigger soon. Blackberry is dead and Windows Phone is following the popular big screen trend. Your choices are dwindling. I hear they sell iPhone 3GS on eBay still.

  • redraider133

    It is a shame they couldn’t have shrunk down the phone to make it more in line with devices its size. I will be interested to see how it feels in hand, but seems like it is going to fall into the same boat that the s5 did with it being longer and larger than the version before it.

  • donger

    Very nice HTC.

  • La tarea

    For those complaining on the size remember that the screen size at max is 5 inches. The reason it seems massive is because of the front-facing stereo speakers.

  • jeff

    Great camera technology plus sleek design! I like it better than what Samsung has rolled out with their new Galaxy phone this year.

  • Tony Morgan

    Everything they already revealed itself by leaking their latest HTC Smartphone’s photo with the help of other agents as a part of their marketing strategy. I think there is nothing left out to be revealing during its launch. There are many rumors about the new HTC one that it has enhanced battery, support wireless charging and will have large display. What else left?

  • GE918

    This phone is gonna feel like a brick in someone’s pocket

  • Alexander Fomichev

    Well, now I have 3 reasons to upgrade my HTC One to the All New one. The first reason is, of course, the camera, which sucks on the current HTC One (especially comparing to the SGS 4). The second reason is micro-SD slot (I so missed it). And the third one is the bigger screen (although I hate that bezels).
    BTW, Dima, how could you say (in the podcast) that the HTC’s software is worse than the Samsung’s? If the fact, that Sense is more beautiful than TouchWiz, can be controversial, but… I used to have Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 and always wondered, how they write such software that pressing “back” takes 0.5 sec for reaction and switching to another app takes up to 1 sec to complete! Where are all that 4 cores? Then I bought the HTC One and it’s always pleasure to see that any action, either inside an app or switching between apps, produces an immediate response.
    I hope they will not break it in the new Sense 6.

    • jond11

      I totally agree, have the Note2 and that thing is soooo slow compared to my HTC ONE. HTC nailed it with the ONE. When i use my phone on the Note2 i have to wait 10 seconds before the dial pad shows up. I thought it was just my device, so I took it backand got a new one and that ddidn’t make any difference. That phone collects dust now, after purchasing the HTC ONE I could never go back to a lag filled phone again. Now I understand why people always liked the iphone so much. The HTC ONE is so fast and fluid. As for the camera, I on the other hand like it very much. I think k it takes great pictures along with the Zoe. In the end it’s first and foremost a phone, I feel if people want professional portraits they should purchase a good camera