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All New HTC One stars in 14-minute German video


We’ve seen some pretty leaky Android devices, but the All New HTC One might take the cake. HTC’s upcoming flagship is slated to debut and possibly even launch on Tuesday, yet the leaks continue to roll in fast and thick. The latest leak comes in the form of a 14-minute hands-on video that’s spoken entirely in German. Unfortunately, to someone who speaks zero German, this sounds a lot like gargling with nails with an occasional “HTC One” thrown in here and there.

All jokes aside, this is the mother of all leaks. The video shows off all sorts of different aspects of the device’s software and hardware. Some time is spent focusing on the new One’s dual camera setup and from what we can tell, this should be a powerful step forward in the way of mobile camera innovation. Kudos to HTC for thinking outside of the box.

We also get a nice look at the Sense 6 software, which seems to embrace KitKat’s transparent notification bar and navigation buttons. Best of all, we just get to look at the All New One’s beautiful aluminum body. We’re excited to officially see what HTC brings to the table this year, even though we pretty much know everything about the All New One.

What feature of the All New HTC One are you most excited about?

Source: Android Police

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  • Nate B.

    Such a sexy looking device. All the leaks have spoiled the majority of this device but I’m still looking forward to it. As long as the camera is legit this time around.

    I also think software has come at a bit of a standstill. There isn’t to much more we need right now as far as hardware, but just about every device is sporting nearly identical specs. It really comes down to a great form factor, great camera, and your choice of custom Android.

    • Nate B.

      People are wanting more, but what is more? What else could further innovate? Battery life of course, but I mean what else as far as features or that you didn’t think of before.

    • masterpfa

      That is the on problem with prolonged releases, the spoilers are released leaving little for surprise and hence a usually disappointing Press Release as we all believe that there is going to be more.

      If the upcoming device is one I am interested in I avoid watching the leaked videos or reading the articles until after as the Galaxy S5 proved to be a perceived letdown for the same reason, the speculation did not live up to the actual device.

  • jamal adam

    That camera is the icing on the cake of a beautiful smartphone. To say I’m excited for Tuesday’s unveiling is an understatement.

  • jump

    HTC is indeed one of the best in the smartphone manufacturers in the world. They have been consistently creating smartphones that are worth the price and what you really want for a smartphone.

  • Sean K Conover

    The feature I’m most excited about : The one where the other carriers actually get to sell it after Verizon is done with their stupid ass exclusivity period

  • Igaal Naouri

    I still can’t get over this huge useless black bezel that makes this massive and hard to fit in the pocket! I’m sticking to my “old” HTC One!

  • donger

    Great can’t wait for the GPE one.

  • Jimmy_Jo

    Huge bezel for no reason. Useless waste of space with the HTC logo on the bottom. HTC is a good hardware maker but they take the weirdest missteps along the way.

  • redraider133

    I like the added gestures in sense 6. Excited to see more of the software along with the already extremely leaked hardware.