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All new HTC One will hit store shelves in the US on March 25 exclusively at Verizon


Remember the mysterious Verizon in-store promo box for the all new HTC One and its cryptic “get ready to hit refresh 3.25 at 1PM ET” message? According to HTC Source, a trusted source has revealed that Verizon will be selling the all new HTC One starting on March 25 “exclusively for a couple of weeks.” We’re never happy when we hear that one particular service provider is given an exclusive on a device for a specific market, but we’re happy to hear that Verizon will have the device tied up for only a few weeks.

A rumor from a few weeks back indicated that the all new HTC One would go on sale in 110 markets, two weeks after its unveiling on March 25. Based on the details of Verizon’s limited, exclusive retail launch, we should see the all new HTC One on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint during the first half of April.

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  • redraider133

    Hopefully this exclusive won’t last long. It’s a shame there still is exclusives

    • Nick Gray

      There are a million and one reasons why a manufacturer would want to launch exclusively on one service provider:

      1. HTC may still be ramping up production of the device. By limited sales of the all new HTC One to Verizon, it allows them to get the phone on the market without risking noticeable supply shortages.

      2. Since Verizon has a exclusive, they will most likely to a huge marketing blitz to promote the product to secure as many sales as possible before other service providers start selling the phone. This helps HTC since they don’t have to spend their own money marketing the device during the first few weeks of sales. In the end, Verizon marketing campaign will raise awareness of the device even for those who will eventually buy the phone on Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile.

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  • Richard Yarrell

    Verizon sucks monkey balls period they always. Htc always screws up something…

    • squiddy20

      “they always”… what? For god’s sake, can you finish a thought before moving on to the next screwed up one?

    • Vance

      How is a short lived exclusive screwing anything up? its not even technically an exclusive since we know it will launch on all major carriers and in all major markets ultimately anyway. In reality this is nothing more than a beta launch for marketing purposes and likely to get trend analysis data before sending full orders to manufacturing for other carriers and countries.

    • jelle

  • Nate B.

    Even if it was only for two days it’s really annoying. HTC has done this since they were on the scene. They make one phone for a carrier, then come out with something different and maybe a spec bump for another carrier and call it something else, then other carriers either don’t get it or they get their own version. Now in the present they launch the same phone but you one carrier will have exclusives on a color or getting the phone all together first. Those are really bad habits. They really need to learn how to launch a phone and release it in a timely manner on all carriers on the same day and same variants as far as colors and capacity. Every little thing counts when it comes their success and being a good OEM anyways.

    • Guest

      Well said Nate, well said. I was looking forward to next Tue to grab one on Sprint. Looks like I may have to wait, and maybe I’ll just wait a little longer to see what the reviews say, or just not get one at all.

    • Guest

      And thus, Apple jeeps winning

      • Rick

        What exactly has Apple won, by the way?

  • Joytofender

    They are taking the risk because the Galaxy S5 and the Sony Z2 are not out yet. It would be very stupid to do it if these two were out already. Personally, I don’t like it because I have to wait longer to compare it to the other two and I’m ready to upgrade.

  • HTC sad man

    WHAT THE BIG F…. If this is true man, I will be so sad. I was looking forward to this phone!

  • Mr

    I WANT THE HTC M8 NOW!!!!!!!

  • jamal adam

    And here I thought we were all past this point. Disappointing moving by HTC but from a manufacturer’s point-of-view it makes sense as Nick pointed out but not so much from a customer’s point-of-view.

  • Bourgeois

    Exclusive deals…not cool.

    I’m still waiting for someone other than AT&T to sell the M7 mini.

    Hey HTC, the carrier I use is T-Mobile, not AT&T. I’m not going to switch carriers just so I can purchase your phone. It is not in either of our best interest for you to agree to these exclusive deals with the carriers.

    • Guest

      I think ATT and Apple execs would have disagreed… Same with T-mobile which struggled for years and had millions leave it for a device they wanted. But as others say, this is an exclusive launch.. Not an exclusive phone..

  • Paul Atreides

    This company will never learn. Bonehead Chou strikes again.

    • Guest

      And you for you want that phone, you will still buy it even if you have to wait a few more weeks

      • Paul Atreides

        That’s not the point my friend. For me, I only buy a phone when I feel the need for a new one, not because something new and shiny sparks my interest. So if I needed a phone tomorrow(I kind of do) went to score this because I thought it was releasing on the 25th only to find out it’s a Verizon exclusive my money would go to another company.

  • donger


  • Tommy

    And thats why your beloved HTC One, all new one, m8, no name mother frickin phone will never be the king of android. …and because it looks like a vibrator…

  • slimx30

    lol leave it up to verizon to put their ugly ass logo on the phone.

  • Taylor

    For once people that have Verizon as a carrier aren’t on the receiving of getting shafted. I still hate verizon though.