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Android 4.4.3 spotted in the wild, coming soon to fix battery draining camera bug


Android 4.4.2 may have fixed a few bugs on Android devices when released, but it introduced its own. The battery draining camera bug has hit a significant amount of people, killing batteries far faster than before, and all this time we’ve been without an official fix. But if this information is correct, we may be seeing a bug fixing update roll out very soon.

A Nexus 5 running the unreleased Android 4.4.3 was spotted accessing a site, showing that the update is in the works. Later confirmed by Llabtoofer, this Android build (KTU72B) is currently under testing and is assumed to fix this battery draining bug once and for all.


Sadly, there is still no hard information on this update. Until Google announces it officially, it’s relegated to the rumor category. Still, we hope Google releases this update soon to fix this bug. The update won’t be a large one, so don’t expect big changes. Small updates to Android versions are routine and almost never include big changes. Have you been hit by this battery draining camera bug? Leave a comment!

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Source: TuttoAndroid

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  • Bart

    I’m still waiting for ATT to release “4.4.anything” for my Note3. Its still on 4.3.

    • Garrett

      As you may know, with ATT you have to keep checking for Updates, and unfortunately you can only check once a day… I finally got my girlfriend’s S4 4.4. I’ll forever stick with phones direct from Google. Love my N5.

  • Tommy

    My battery is better than ever, and kitkat touchwiz running lag free with 50+ apps installed at all times. Take that, haters!

  • Dirty Budha

    I’m sorry, I have a rooted Note 3, running Team Nocturnal’s SinLessROM, with Kitkat. I’m not seeing a camera battery drain.

  • elsantomoto

    “Mary Mary, why you buggin’?”

    My Note 3, Sprint version, rollin’ hot on 4.4.2, cause Sprint is cool like that, has got way better battery life than ever. Battery lasts all day long.
    We ain’t got no bugs, probably because Sprint is pimp and don’t waste all the money on ads telling me how their service is better than everyone else’s. Looking at you, Verizon.

  • Jeffery

    From almost 1 month I also facing same battery drainage problem in my Nexus 5 as I have to put my Smartphone twice on wireless charger to keep it fully charged. It’s good to know that they are releasing Android 4.4.3 Kitkat version to rectify this problem. But there is some improvement in my Nexus 5 after I recently updated the Skype app.

  • mush

    Any news if this update will sort the charging issue on nexus 7 2012 taking forever to charge about 8 hours to fully charge ok before kit kat. Come on Google sort it out

  • Max Rockatanski

    Put 4.4.2 on my Galaxy S4 on EE (UK). Battery definitely drains much quicker. Need a fix!!!

  • donger


  • mindy

    I’m also facing the same prob.!

  • Mike Hayworth

    Shocking this has not been fixed, also on Note 3 never had Skype, thinking of sellingmine and creeating Facebook pages telling users not to update and stay away from Samsung.

  • raja

    I have upgraded my note2 to 4.4.2 kitkat, since than my phone is draining battery very soon. Hope kitkat will bring some upgrade to fix this problem, ir i will sgain go back to jellybean.

  • Li Tai Fang

    I’ve seen much better battery life in 4.4.2 against 4.2.2 on a Galaxy S4 M919. I’m aware every device is different so I got lucky there.

  • Evan Harris

    Galaxy Note 3…just got update to 4.4.2 a few days ago….OMG….I cannot make fun of I-phone people anymore with their charging cords carried around at all times since NOW my phone doesn’t even make it to the cocktail hour, let alone dinner!!! It used to last more than an entire day and night and NOW it is no better than the I-phone!! UGH….how do I get this update DELETED???

    • Gina Zamora

      I’m in the same note 2 used to last 13+ hours! With heavy usage!! Now it doesn’t last 6. Unreal.

  • Evan Harris

    oh yeah…forgot to mention that it seems to take MUCH MUCH LONGER to charge now with this latest 4.4.2 update

  • Evan Harris

    why the heck do they bother continuing to send out this update once they KNOW it causes this major problem?

  • Gene Saadi

    We have Verizon service on our 3 LG G2′s (We love our G2′s) running KitKat 4.4.2. This past week we all noticed the fast drain symptoms. I’m a heavy user, and I usually recharge 1 or 2 times/day. This past week it’s been more like 4 to 5 times.

  • Amylu421

    YES I HAVE! & it is driving me crazy. I can’t stand it. My phone was charging fast. Now it is crawling and then when it is fully charged it drops fast when I’m using it. Ugh!

  • Brian

    Just got the update on my RAZR MAXX HD killed battery life and erased all my synced devices. TV,Truck blue tooth ,DVD player, Receiver, etc. Had to resyinc all of them. Hope they come up with a fix soon.Good luck everyone !!!

  • Pranay

    A working S4 battery drain issue trick

  • Tommy S Hughes

    Ever since my update my Note 2 and my wife’s S4 has been having battery drain. There has to be a fix this sucks and I like Samsung.

  • Samsung Tizen Os

    I was facing quick battery drain problem in my Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 , I resolved it by resetting the phone to Factory Reset and the battery is amazing now. Please make sure you backup all your data from your phone memory before doing factory reset. Have fun Cheers!!!

  • Samsung Tizen Os

    For more information about Samsung and Tizen visit

  • John Snow

    Never, but never again samsung. You’re well aware of battery drain in 4.4.2 and you do NOTHING! Htc, LG, sony even f***ng iphone but never, ever again samsung!