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Android distribution numbers are out, KitKat at 2.5% and Jelly Bean at 62%

Android Distribution March

Android distribution numbers are always somewhat neat to look at, even though they don’t mean much for us regular users. They’re a developer tool to tailor apps to as many people as you can afford. Nonetheless, it’s interesting to see how fast (or slow, to be realistic) the newest version of Android is growing.

Currently, the newest version of Android is KitKat and it has a steady, though slow, growth. It’s currently sitting at 2.5%, up from 1.8% last month. This isn’t too bad, considering how long the big manufacturers are taking to get the update out to everyone. Once Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG update the main flagships, we should see this number rise pretty quickly.

Jelly Bean as a whole, from Android 4.1 to Android 4.3, holds an impressive 62%, though more than half of that is taken up by Android 4.1. Gingerbread is down to 19%, which is great, and Ice Cream Sandwich is at 15.2%. Nothing surprising in these numbers, but it’s good that Gingerbread is finally below a fifth of all Android devices. Do you think KitKat will go above 20% this year? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Android Developer

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  • 7th guest

    remember the days when everyone got excited about froyo and the nexus one? back in the days….

    • Dima Aryeh

      I was using a Galaxy S back in the day, and when Froyo launched on the Nexus One, we were all so excited to see JIT, or Just In Time compiler. We partially ported it to 2.1, flashed unstable as hell 2.2 builds just to have it, good times.

    • twatts723

      For me it was the update from gingerbread to ICS. WHOOOOOO!!! That was a real update. These 4.x – 4.x ain’t nothing.

  • redraider133

    Good to see Jelly Bean and Kit Kat on the rise and Gingerbread finally under 20%.

  • Steve

    They dont know the real stats. My note 2 wasrunning kit kat by custom rom way back in November. But to these stat guys iam on 4.3, so you have know way to add up all these phones and all these custom roms to see what people are truly using. I know the note 2 att has 4 custom stable 4.4 roms. Its the same with all other big sellers. I have used slim bean, cw, and bean stalk all kit kat. But maybe if the Note 2 is lucky, it will have official kit kat by summer.

    • twatts723

      Right. I am technically on a gs4 4.3, but I’m running cm11 for the last month and have no plans of changing. I think this pie is inaccurate.

    • Dima Aryeh

      These numbers are based on devices accessing Google services, not sales or what OS the devices are supposed to be running. So if you’re running KitKat modded ROM, it’ll show up as KitKat on this pie chart. But compared to the incredible number of Android devices out there, modders make almost no impact.

      • Steve

        Wow that’s sad. I thought people actually know what their Android was capable of doing, but with so little modding their phone, it’s know wonder I hear complaints about every phone out there. When I have a problem I cant deal with, there’s akways a quick fix, whether it’s flashing a different rom, or flashing a fix. It doesn’t take long people. I knew absolutely nothing when I started

  • donger