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Apple considering releasing an iTunes app for Android


With Android having surpassed iOS as the biggest mobile platform, many companies are releasing apps for both Android and iOS. Of course, Apple apps have always been exclusive to iOS, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Apple has tried to keep its ecosystem exclusive, and that’s understandable. But with iTunes profits dropping and services like Spotify and Google Play Music seeing increased profits, Apple may be getting a little desperate.

According to some reports, this desperation has led Apple to consider releasing an iTunes app for Android. While that doesn’t seem very desperate at all, it would be a huge move for Apple. Such a decision would make iTunes available to many more people and potentially boost profits for Apple, though many of us would probably be happy to stick with Google Play Music or Spotify.

Apple may also unveil an on-demand streaming service. This option has proven very popular with different services, so I can see why Apple may want to give it a shot. What do you think of the possibility of an iTunes app for Android? Would you jump on it or stay as far away from it as possible? Leave a comment!

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  • roland

    good move Apple to stay afloat just a renewed going to be a great move.

    • Richard Yarrell

      No thank you crappy no useless iTunes will ever be a application on any of my Galaxy products.

      Apple is dead in my world just as bad as crappy stock android.

      • Brad Ling

        I actually think stock Android is much better than TouchWiz. I wonder which device with what Android version did you use that caused your opinion?

      • squiddy20

        Says the guy who, seven years ago, didn’t even know how to work a computer until the Bowery Mission took you in and taught you. Your lack of computer skills was demonstrated when you went around claiming for 2 whole months that you were “looking into” rooting your Verizon Gnex, which, as a Nexus device, is one of the easiest devices to root.
        Also, in “Richard’s World” everything is bass akwards. Rooting is supposedly for “2plus year old devices”, the “legendary” Evo 3D was Sprint’s flagship phone well into 2012, the LG G Flex never “made it to the States with those screen specs” (implying the 720p screen), and all Samsung phones are “BOSS” simply because Samsung has the most market share.
        What a joke

        • clocinnorcal

          I’m not sure whether he is paid by Samsung or just trolling anymore. Can someone really be such a cheerleader for a single company? I mean he mentions his “Galaxy products” as if no one knows what his preference is. If he is neither than I can only assume he may have some sort of mental handicap.

          • snowbdr89

            Dick isn’t smart enough to get paid that’s why he is jobless trolling blogs from the library computers I highly doubt he even has a Samsung phone!!

  • donger

    Just do it.

  • masterpfa

    This could be a good move.
    Personally hate the iTunes interface these days and as a result have not subscribed to anything else such as Podcasts etc.
    Not for me, as once I managed to get all my music in Google Play Music, I no longer use the stuttering UI that iTunes has now become.

  • Bob Walters

    Well that would be a great idea.

  • anonymous

    I doubt Google will allow that.

    • SGB101

      They couldnt stop it

  • Mikes_phone_and_tab

    As most Android users are advocates of openness I think this will be a welcome addition. I just think the destroyer of openness wouldn’t even allow this to happen in the first place.

  • v

    Too late Apple you should do this done before, Desperate move.

    • Felix

      Not desperate. Strategic. Desperate would be iTunes for Windows phone.

      • clocinnorcal


  • elsina

    Now if they would put android on their i devices that would save their sinking ship. mostly on their tablets. Their phones are to small, make at least 4.5 inches or higher and then I might consider taking a look, but I’ll stick with the nexus line.

    • Ben

      I’d love an explanation of why android users think apple is a sinking ship… Yes they lose market share but they lose it to phones that make no profit. They still control a majority of the revenue while having a minority of the market. Profits haven’t declined once since the iPhone launch. Profit growth has slowed but it has for every single manufacture in the mobile market because the market is mature. Everyone has a smartphone. Every quarter beats the previous year over year quarter in iPhone sales. 9 million in the first weekend of 5s launch. iTunes by it self generates the equivalent to half of googles entire advertising income… Please tell me how it’s sinking….

      • ari-free

        Apple may have the money but they’ve lost the innovation

  • Switll

    I wonder if Apple realises this is a two way street? Now every unhappy iphone user can dump his his crapple device and move to Android without losing his investment in iTunes :-)

    • Brad Ling


  • Marvel83

    No thanks, I would rather have iMessage.

  • Davide armani

    Come on people: isn’t it ‘a little’ exaggerated calling Apple a sinking ship or desperate? I would give an arm to be as desperate as Apple right now. Google released all its apps on the App Store and I don’t think they did it because they were desperate! It’s just a move to grab more and new customers.. Who doesn’t want new customers?

    • Trevor7428

      I don’t think you can compare apple putting iTunes on android. With google putting there apps on the apples app store. Because as far as I know, google didnt put any apps on apples app store to make a profit. If anything it would be like google putting google play (Movies, Newsstand, music, books/ not apps tho) on the app store. So they can gain profit from apple users.

      And what do you mean you would give an arm to be as desperate as apple. I don’t get your analogy.
      But it kind is desprite to put iTunes on android to potentially steal customers away from purchasing content threw google play. Cause you know that would have to be there intention to even consider putting iTunes on android.

      • Ben

        Google makes profits from their ios apps. They make profit from ads. That’s all google cares about. Google play probably makes up a very small portion of their earnings. Don’t forget google pays apple a lot of money to be the default search engine in safari.

    • Brad Ling

      It’s great that Google is giving its fine services to not just their own platforms. So they can attract iOS users to their services, and possibly they might eventually make the switch!

  • Felix

    I think it’s a brilliant idea. They’ve lost the devices contest anyway, time to morph to a huge media giant! Kudos for having the guts to change!

  • Haggie

    Over Steve’s dead body…

  • sandwich

    This seems to me to be somewhat analogous to the Steam / Origin situation… Steam succeeded in a lucrative market, so EA launched Origin to compete. Now unlike most, I don’t have any particular gripes with Origin itself, but the only games I have on there are the exclusives that I didn’t want to miss out on.

    Similarly, I don’t expect iTunes on Android will get much use except for exclusives and the like.

  • 99steven

    Apple can just go away. From what I hear, most icrap users hate being locked down by ITunes anyway, why would the Android users want that? We choose Android because we hate living under a dictator like Apple

  • Sherman Davis

    Whenever I travel the world, I’m very observant of what phones people use around the world, and it seems that 9 out of 10 people use iPhones and iPads. I rarely see an Android device. Where are all the Android users? I really don’t get Android’s dominance since all I see are Apple devices. Maybe I need to travel around in third world countries and then I will see the Android device. Not very surprising.
    And it’s even more shocking when it comes to tablets. Rarely do I see an Android or even a Windows tablet any where. Please help me find who owns these crappy Android devices.

    • SGB101


  • Des

    Wont be using it.

  • Kilgore Trout

    What’s a “iTune”?