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Appmethod helps you code Android, iOS, desktop apps natively at the same time


Coding an app for multiple platforms often requires a lot of time and resources. We constantly see developers release Android apps much later than the iOS counterpart. However, a new app attempts to make it easier for developers to make apps for many platforms at once. And though it’s not the first, it’s a very elegant implementation.

Appmethod comes with built-in support for making native Windows, OSX, Android and iOS apps. When making an app, you can customize every aspect of it on different devices, from the iPhone 5 to the Nexus 5. It even supports Google Glass with its own template, so you can start making Glass Apps with its drag and drop UI elements.

Unfortunately, this app is really expensive. It is $299 per developer, per platform, per year if you have 5 or less users. If you have more than five years, it goes up to $999 for the same structure. That’s a lot of money to spend on a development suite and will probably be reserved for established companies, but it’s still quite impressive what it can do. Check out the video of it in action!

Source: Engadget

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  • geeky_Sihag

    You should try stencyl instead…its a lot cheaper than this software…..
    Wanna see the difference between Snapdragon 800 and 801 ? here you go…

    • jon

      The app you mentioned, Stencyl, reminds me a lot of the old Android App Inventor (is that still around?) Probably okay for the little guys out there, but not the sophisticated software experienced dev teams are looking to work with.

      • ian douglas

        It’s still around. I’ve used it on a very small project, but it worked extremely well. It’s Android-only though, this AppMethod software will also do cross-platform.

        I’m currently playing with Kivy (, a Python-based library which will build cross-platform code (desktop and mobile).

    • ian douglas

      I’m not sure it’s “a lot cheaper” when Stencyl is an annual license, if the $299 price of AppMethod is a one-time fee? (I couldn’t find any info whether it was an annual license model)

  • donger

    Thats good.

  • PS

    “It is $299 per developer, per platform, per year if you have 5 or less users” – this is not TRUE. Correct is 299$ (€) is only if you have less than 5 empleyers!!! This is FAIL. Price is extremly expensive for 999$