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AT&T Galaxy Note 3, Sprint One max getting Android 4.4 KitKat updates today


Good news, Android fans! AT&T and Sprint have announced that starting today, they’re rolling KitKat updates out to a couple of their king size smartphones.

First up is AT&T, which is now pushing Android 4.4 to its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The update brings the usual KitKat goodies, like white status bar icons and the ability to choose your default messaging app, as well as an option to set the sound for specific Samsung apps. The full list of changes shared by AT&T is as follows:

  • Improved user interface: The latest version of Android includes enhancements such as re-styled status and navigation bars, a new full-screen-immersive mode, color emoji support, improved closed captioning support, stronger security and smarter power use.
  • Default messaging app: ¬†Choose a default messaging app when multiple messaging services are installed.
  • Improved GPS performance
  • Enhanced music access: Full screen album art and media controls are available from the lock screen when listening to music.
  • Camera access: The camera can also be accessed directly from the lock screen.
  • Location menu: An integrated location menu enables users to easily activate GPS and share location details.
  • Wireless printing: Integrated support for wireless printing available in enhanced settings.
  • New sound controls: Set sound for specific Samsung applications in enhanced settings.

In order to snag this update, you can grab your AT&T-branded Note 3 and head into Settings > More > About Device > Software Update > Check for Updates.


Meanwhile, Sprint has started to roll Android 4.4.2 to its HTC One max. The update bumps the Sprint One max up to software version 2.09.651.1 and includes Android 4.4.2, SDC support, new Bluetooth profiles and more. You can manually check for this 344MB update by tapping Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check Now.

It’s always good to see updates rolling out, especially when they bump the devices up to the newest version of Android. And considering that the Note 3 and One max are two flagship devices, I’m sure that their owners are happy to finally be getting updated to KitKat as well. If you’re rocking an AT&T Note 3 or Sprint One max, give us a shout in the comments below when Android 4.4 makes its way to you!

Via: Android Central
Sources: AT&T, Sprint

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  • pekosROB

    Congrats AT&T Note 3 users. I wish Verizon and LG would hurry up and update the G2.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Woop, downloading it on my Note 3!

    • Dima Aryeh

      It seems a bit faster and smoother, something I can attribute to KitKat itself. Tap & Pay is disabled due to the Note 3 using an NXP NFC chip which is not supported by Google. Sweet animation for the status bar switching between black and transparent. No animation was added for the keyboard going up and down, which sucks. Lockscreen is faster. Hopefully GPS issue is fixed, though I haven’t tested it.

  • aaron

    not working for me. saying I can check again in 24 hours. unbelievable the gps issue, totally unusable.

    • steven harrison

      you can go into the settings and change the date by unchecking automatic date and time. change the date to Friday and retry.

    • Chris Pierce

      Simply set your clock ahead by 24 hours.

  • brad Bilger

    I got it, downloaded it, installed in. Phone rebooted, came up to the lock screen and Sat there for 2 hours with the screen locked. Couldn’t unlock, couldn’t do anything. No indication if completed or not. After 2 hours I have up and pulled the battery. Rebooted fine, running great. So far.

  • Kellina

    Updated on Note 3 AT&T w no problems. Not that I am much impressed with anything yet.

    • brad Bilger

      Agreed… not impressed with all the hype about it. The only thing I’ve noticed is my sky walk app now stutters badly. a few random settings change.

  • Faslane

    Been running 4.4.2 for a couple months now using KNOXRAID rom for ATT NOTE 3. It’s MUCH better than this stock rollout but glad to see its finally rolling out for people who don’t rom and root etc.

    • Bryan

      Was it hard to root ur note 3?

  • sagar raiyani

    clock ahead by 24 hours.

  • mohanmenonrahul

    Get me kit kat download

  • Bryan

    Updating my note 3 now. It’s about time att.

  • mohanmenonrahul


    • WhatUp

      What? You need to up the dosage on your meds…

  • mabella

    honestly when is it going to be d turn of HTC 4g velocity?the phone needs to be upgraded.

  • chhiten

    What about middle east??is update available for middle east also..

  • Russ

    FINALLY! Downloaded it last night. Works well…will update if I notice any bugs.

  • Michael Crandell

    So much HYPE for so little an upgrade – I honestly have noticed zero difference in the way my Note 3 looks or runs. BiG disappointment.

  • pr0vider

    Works fine; now I’ve got to get the hang of the new update…

  • DC

    Any word if AT&T enabled the KNOX feature

    • SC

      I just updated my N3 to 4.4.2 on AT&T and it does not appear to be enabled. Unless it is buried somewhere…

  • Bart

    Just spotted this article. Downloading now. (Central Valley area, CA)

  • donger


  • Doc

    Downloaded and installed. Works well so far but Google Voice search went from nearly instantaneous to nearly 10 seconds or more to respond to the search request. Any ideas to fix or maybe a workaround. I use voice recognition often.

    • Doc

      BTW, that was for an ATT Galaxy Note 3

  • stephanie gomez

    My note 3 was going incredibly slow for the last 3 weeks… FINALLY downloaded the new update and all i can say is I LOVE IT. its so much faster. I love the GPS now too. it is a small update, but to my phone..its huge.

  • mohanmenonrahul

    Update KitKat 4.4 to my galaxy note3