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AT&T LTE-Advanced now live in Chicago, no phones support it yet


With a growing number of wireless users, carriers are constantly looking for ways to improve their networks. AT&T is kicking off the latest rush by launching a new technology called LTE-Advanced in Chicago. If you haven’t heard of LTE-Advanced, then we’ll give you a brief explanation. LTE-Advanced is an enhanced version of the current 4G LTE standard and the most common way that it’s implemented is through carrier aggregation. Carrier aggregation takes separate pieces of spectrum and puts them together into one so that a carrier can use that extra spectrum to boost speeds.

This new advancement will allow customers with compatible devices on AT&T to access this new LTE-Advanced network that uses 700MHz and 2100MHz spectrum. By combining these pieces of spectrum, LTE-Advanced can offer theoretical download speeds of up to 110Mbps. Whether or not you’ll see anything like that in real world use is still up for debate. It should also be noted that while this will speed up the current network, it won’t improve the capacity and as the number of users continues to grow, that capacity will shrink.

We’re sure that all of you AT&T users in Chicago are itching to try this out, but unfortunately, AT&T’s LTE-Advanced network isn’t currently compatible with any devices, save for one mobile hotspot. That being said, Samsung stated that the Galaxy S 5 would support carrier aggregation networks within the US. Whether or not AT&T’s LTE-Advanced network is one of those has yet to be seen.

Are you interested in trying this out?

Via: Android Central

Source: GigaOm

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