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Brazillian regulatory agency outs Amazon gaming controller


We’re pretty familiar with the FCC ruining companies’ well laid plans for secrecy in the US. Apparently Brazil’s own version of the FCC (Anatel) has been taking notes and wanted in on that action.

The images, originally posted by Dave Zatz of Zatz Not Funny!, reveal an Amazon bluetooth gaming controller that should be working in tandem to turn that Amazon streaming media box we’ve been hearing about for about a year now into a passable gaming device.

amazon-bluetooth-controller1 amazon-bluetooth-controller2 amazon-bluetooth-controller3

The controller looks like pretty standard fare with the full complement of shoulder buttons, triggers, analog sticks, d-pad, four action buttons and a few extras. At the bottom of the controller are three media buttons for rewind, play/pause and forward, which makes sense given that gaming should likely be the sideline for this device and media consumption the main thrust. The Android-looking buttons in the middle suggest that the rumors pegging the device as running either Fire OS or another Android fork are dead on. The final button apparently ties into Amazon’s GameCircle, which is their answer to Play Games.

Lastly the controller has a couple sets of LEDs that will track the battery level and connectivity of the controller, which will run on double A batteries.

No other details at the moment, but it certainly feels like Amazon is close to an announcement. The impending price hike on Amazon Prime next month and rumors of a streaming music service from Amazon bundled into Prime all would pair nicely with a streaming box as a delivery vehicle for all that Amazon content in your home.

Most of you have been dismissive of the Amazon box in the past, and with really compelling options like Roku and now of course the Chromecast, this is a tougher space for Amazon than it would have been just a year or two ago. Does the gaming angle make it more compelling for you? What’s the price point that you think Amazon needs to hit with this device to make it work? Will the fact that you are now shelling out $99 a year for Prime make you any more likely to buy this box and really get your money’s worth out of Prime?

Via: Zatz Not Funny!

Source: Anatel

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    Dope. Amazon is great.

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    It seems the Amazon set top box will finally bring
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