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Google drops Drive storage pricing, 1TB now only $9.99 per month


Google is a generous overlord when it comes to cloud storage. Google Drive offers 15GB for free, which is more than its competitors, and it’s used across many of your services. That includes Gmail, Google Drive, Google+ Photos, and more. But what if you need more than 15GB to store all of your important files? Google offers paid storage tiers, and starting today, they’re far cheaper than they used to be.

If you want 100GB, which is a very large amount of cloud storage, you used to have to pay $4.99 per month. That price already undercut Google’s competitors, but as of today, the cost drops down to a measly $1.99 per month. What about 1TB of storage? One thousand whole gigabytes? That previously cost $49.99 per month, but today it’s been reduced to just $9.99 per month. There are also plans with 10TB of storage and up starting at $99.99 if you need them, but the prices are amazing.

If you want to sign up for one of these discounted plans, you can head to the Google Drive storage settings and upgrade. But seriously, how awesome are these prices?

Source: Google Blog

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  • Vance

    The price is nice, but damn their sync tool needs an overhaul! I can drop something into Dropbox on my phone and it’s available locally in my DB folder in my laptop in under three seconds. I’ve had drive take 10 minutes to complete the same sync.

    • vivek201

      NSA discount!!!

  • Nigel

    Only takes a few months even at the reduced rates to have a Linux server with 1TB USB drive at home with your own sync tools.

    • James

      And by that having none of the security or ease or other features of google drive. Local storage at your home, to backup your local storage hmm..

  • CamDeezy

    I wish they would do a $4.99 a month 500GB tier. I was paying $4.99 for 100GB, would gladly pay that if they would give additional storage. 100GB to 1TB is a vast jump when you won’t be utilizing all that storage immediately, as it takes time to upload (as Vance stated) through the sync tool. To reiterate: From my experience with it, you gradually use up the storage.

  • donger

    Great deal.

  • Brian

    Compared to what they were charging that great! Before it was not even a consideration. It’s still so so in pricing. Right now it’s an equivalent of buying a drive yearly (which I don’t)… if they cut the pricing they setup now in half, then we are onto something as it becomes cost equivalent to buying a new TB drive once every 2+ years.

  • James Bond

    Does it sync to the NSA?