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Google Now rolling out to stable Chrome builds, desktop users should see it soon

Google Now Desktop

Google Now for desktops has been a long time coming. It started as a mere rumor, with tidbits of info found in experimental versions of Chrome. Then it graduated to an actual feature that was hidden in flags, away from the eyes of the general public. Now, after going through the Canary and Chrome beta channels, Google Now is finally coming to all Chrome browser users on both Windows and OSX.

To see Google Now, you’ll need to sign into Chrome. The Google bell icon will live in your notification area and, when pressed, will pop up the card interface that I’m sure we’re all familiar with by now. Many of the cards shown are the same ones as on your Android or iOS devices, though there seem to be fewer cards on the desktop. Still, it’s a pretty useful tool for when you want to check on current events or shipping packages.

Google loves rolling out new features in phases, so we may not all see this Google Now at the same time. If you’re impatient, have Chrome check for updates in Menu > About Google Chrome. And tell us, what do you think of Google Now for desktops? I haven’t found a real use for it yet, despite having it for a while now. Is it useful to you?

Via: Engadget

Source: Google

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  • FormerYooper

    Boo-hoo! This is great news, but what about Linux?

    • Dima Aryeh

      I actually don’t know. Is Chrome for Linux on the same development schedule as the others? Same version number?

  • Fishdinner

    Does this then show as an extension?

    • Dima Aryeh

      Nope, it’s not in extensions. Just checked.

  • donger

    Google now is great.