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Google Play Store 4.6.16 becoming available with batch app installing


We’re always happy to see new updates and we’re now seeing the rollout of a new update from Google for the Play Store. This update bumps it up to version 4.6.16 and includes some nice features that should make the experience a whole lot better. One of our personal favorites is the ability to batch install apps. This should make life a whole lot easier whenever you’re loading all of your apps onto a new phone.

Another notable feature is that of new password options. Previously, there was an on/off toggle dealing with requiring passwords for purchases. That’s been replaced by three options: all purchases, every thirty minutes, or never. While most of us probably won’t notice this a whole lot, it should be good for parents with kids who often use their phones.

A few other updates were also thrown in such as some revised wording, ridding the settings overflow button and instead moving it to the slide-in menu, and after all these years, we finally have an option to manually check for updates to the Google Play Store. Nothing mind-blowing in this update, but it’s continued work towards a better Play Store.

Let us know when you see the update.

Via: Android Central

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  • JQuest81

    Thank the stars, batch installing! First world problem I know, but it’s super annoying to have a hundred apps on your phone that has to download one by one. Then not to mention the Google and other pre-installed apps that may need updating on initial boot. :-)

  • yaqoob

    its too good

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  • rinrimseyhariza

    play store

  • Kellye

    I have had those abilities for some time now. Batch installing is only partially successful, sometimes it causes apps to not install saying not enough room, etc so I have to go back to one at a time.

  • myintthein

    I Like

  • Vinod

    How to upgrade this?
    or is it automatic?

  • J. Vijaykumar

    Wonderful application to download whatall we need

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