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Google releasing developer SDK for wearables in two weeks

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When a company is creating a wearable device, it has a lot of options for operating system and implementation. Everything has to be made from the ground up, and it’s a lot of work for smaller companies. Plus, companies don’t even use Android many times. The new Samsung Gear 2 devices use Tizen instead of Android, making the wearable market more fragmented. But Google has it covered, as the company is releasing a developer SDK for wearables in just two weeks.

This SDK will help standardize the way wearable devices will send and receive data. Not only will this make creating a smartwatch easier for other companies, but it will encourage them to use Android as its main operating system. However, this goes beyond just smartwatches. This applies to pretty much any wearable device, which Google envisions will work on one system.

This could very well be Google preparing for its own wearables. Google Glass could adopt these standards (or the standards will be based on what Google Glass uses), and this could be a sign that the rumored LG Google smartwatch will be released soon. Seeing it released alongside the SDK would be perfect, though it’s doubtful that Google would release a new device without an event.

Do you think Android is the right operating system for wearable devices, or is Google stretching Android across too many devices? Leave a comment!

Source: The Verge

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