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Hands-on with the HTC One (M8)


The HTC One (M8) is here and HTC is hoping its new flagship device will change the company’s trajectory and give them a fighting chance against Samsung and other competitors in the smartphone space. Like the HTC One from 2013, the new One is build form a single piece of aluminum, but HTC has tweaked the design to make the device even more stunning. The aluminum shell of the HTC one (M8) wraps around the back and edges of the device and it’s curves are more subtle – allowing the device to rest effortlessly in your hand.

The Duo Camera on the back of the phone is definitely the phone’s biggest selling point. HTC is using a secondary depth sensor which allows the UltraPixel camera to accurately measure how close different object are – allowing for some pretty neat camera effect which allow re-focusing after an image has been captured. But the all new HTC One isn’t just about hardware. Sense 6 is completely new with a much flatter UI, theming options which change the color of BlinkFeed, fonts and much more. The customization options really give user the opportunity to make the all new One truly unique.

Below are a few pictures and a hands-on video of the all new HTC One (M8). Since we already have a review unit in hand, expect a detailed look at the camera, software and hardware of the device in the coming days.

DSC_4948 DSC_4952 DSC_4953 DSC_4954 DSC_4957 DSC_4958 DSC_4960 DSC_4962 DSC_4963 DSC_4969

What’s your take on the all new HTC One?

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  • Nate B.

    Still lacking in the camera department if you ask me. It has nice camera features, but picture quality doesn’t rival with other high end phones of this year or even last year to be honest. It’s still a solid phone and you can’t go wrong with it. Megapixels do count when you have the hardware to support it. It’s ignorant to say they don’t. It has the hardware and features upcoming flagship phones have but doesn’t produce nearly as good because of the pixel count. It’s better then the M7 in comparison, but lets be real. Other phones are coming with unique ways to capture more light, depth, better low light, etc without ultra pixel or two cameras. There is no excuse. I’m personally a photo junkie when it comes to taking pictures. Video isn’t all that great either in comparison to other high end phones. I saw a nice view and sunny day (which should be the cheat code for any phone) recording and it looked dimmed and alright overall. Plus they took out OIS. They try and pitch the sale of getting more light produces better image quality, true, but not how HTC does it.

    • Nate B.

      I’m not bashing the phone though. It’s still a beast of a phone and respectable successor. HTC gives you everything except a GREAT camera, while Samsung gives you a GREAT camera, but lacks a little in everything else (iconic form factor and material). It’ll get you by though. I’ve just experienced that when you have the luxury in one area, you don’t want to go back.

      • Aaaa

        Well samsung and all other androids got same sh1t, just u are brand’s victim not specialist

      • Vance

        I get consistently better pictures with my htc one than my friend with his galaxy S4. Especially at night. Looking forward to the new HTC One!

    • redraider133

      It is interesting to see these companies going away from OIS, there must be a very good reason if OIS is such a great feature. I wish they would have up’d the camera a little but looks like a great device other than that. Just so many good choices out there, I am going to wait and see if the z2 does make it to verizon like rumors say it will.

      • surethom

        No OIS is the future for mobiles but the duel camera was noble to have OIS so HTC left it off, which is a massive shame, I would prefer OIS to the gimmicky refocusing.

    • Subx

      You don’t even know! You have not taken a picture with the M8 yet nor have you experienced any pictures taken using it.
      To say what you say about the camera is a load of crap. “but not the way HTC does it”? The camera on the M7 is great. I don’t have a problem with it and images I have taken with it are stunning! Why would HTC continue to use the same technology if it didn’t work?
      What they have done with the M8 is improved on it.
      What you say about 2 cameras is also incorrect. It is not infact an actual camera, it is a sensor that captures information like depth and light levels allowing for refocus and other effects after the image is taken.

      You say that you are not bashing the phone, will it seems to me that in a way, you are. You have not even tried it yet.

      People, before you come here and make your own conclusions of “you think” might be the case and then post garbage, wait until you have the phone in your hands, test it, learn how to use it and then come and post.

      Don’t post what on what you don’t know.

      Also, to base your “phone” purchase on the camera it ludicrous.

      It would be a sad state if you don’t buy this phone just because it has an UltraPixel camera.

      • Miguel

        I Agree with you but I’m also considering the Sony Z2 although I like more the Aluminium uni-body and sense 6 the Z2 also feels premium and has a good Cam.

        • Subx

          The Z2 is a nice phone. I love that it is dust and waterproof.
          I don’t think that it is possible for HTC do achieve that with the One series or any other model that has BoomSound. The waterproofing would destroy the BoomSound sound quality and practically render it a useless feature. Maybe HTC is working on a way model that is dust a waterproof but who knows. It would be extremely nice.

          In my experience with Sony phones (Xperia Range) and friends that have had and still have them, I can’t go back. Not yet anyway. If they come up with something that can match the style and build quality of the One, then I might reconsider.

          • Miguel

            Yes they both have some nice features. I think that I’ll find an answer after the first months of user usage and bugs report/update assistance

      • keithp

        I think @Nate B. can be forgiven for supposing the camera is lacking — it is only 4-megapixels.

        The Corephotonics dual-camera tech is 13-megapixels. I would have thought HTC would have bumped up the number of megapixels to compete. However, if one of the lenses is a 3x-optical like Corephotonics uses then a digital zoom is unnecessary and 4-megapixels will be just fine.

        • Subx

          Correct me if I am wrong but I believe the camera has been updated to 8 megapixels?

          Also do not go off all the specs that have gone up overnight. Some say the max expandable storage is 128gb and others say 64gb. So who is right?

  • Floorman63

    I think you’re right!

  • geeky_sihag

    Guys…see full hands-on images gallery(HD) of HTC One here

  • donger