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HTC introduces the new HTC One

htc one group shot

HTC has made the follow up to its successful 2013 flagship official: the new HTC One.

Leaks on the new HTC One were plentiful this year, and they were spot on. Coming with a curvier brushed metal body in Amber Gold, Gunmetal Gray and Glacial Silver, the new HTC One features a 5-inch 1080p display (knowing HTC it’s going to be one of the best you’ve ever seen), 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801, 2GB of RAM, a 2600mAh battery, enhanced BoomSound speakers, up to 32GB of internal storage and support for microSD cards up 128GB.

The camera is yet again one of the One’s most unique features. This year HTC has put a “Duo Camera” on the One, with one Ultrapixel sensor and one depth sensor. This will allow for Lytro-like focusing (the ability to adjust focal points after shooting) and will offer higher detail than the previous generation One. There’s also a 5MP wide angle front-facing camera.

Of course there are a handful of new software features included in the new HTC One that help the device compete with what Samsung has done with the Galaxy S5. There’s SenseTV, a TV hub that works as a remote serving up social information around programming, sports stats and more; Fitness information will be provided by Fitbit using either the HTC One itself or a Fitbit accessory; And BlinkFeed will feature more content than ever with third-party integration on the way.

As for when you can get the new HTC One, HTC has made the device available today on select carriers. It will be coming to every major carrier in the US so check your carriers website and you may just be able to get the device tomorrow. We’ll keep updating with availability information as it’s made available, but in the meantime, what do you think of HTC’s new 2014 One?

new HTC One htc one group shot HTC one gold HTc one gray htc one silver

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  • surethom

    I am very disappointed, so much for a camera focused phone, they have

    1. Removed Optical Image Stabilization
    2. Same 4 Megapixel UltraPixel

    If only there had been OIS & 6 megapixel This would have been my next Camera Phone.

    Will have to wait for the Moto X2!!!

    • snowbdr89

      Maybe try a digi camera if a camera is that important!!

  • Jake

    Does “every major us carrier” include US Cellular?

  • Kal-El

    I’m not sure about this camera. I have the HTC one right now. I was at a concert last weekend, and everybody around me who had the S4 had WAY better pictures than I did.

  • jerrbomb

    Bravo HTC

  • Tommy

    Oh look. All the “bloat” that everyone was dogging samsung for, showed back up… in Sense…

  • jamal adam

    Very disappointed that they kept the camera at only 4 ultrapixels. That was one of the major flawless of the phone and also the fact that its now taller doesn’t seem right at all. I know that ultrapixels are great but at least making it 8 would have done wonders to it.

    • Tangent

      In what situations have your pictures been too low resolution? Not being a smartass, I’m serious. Do you have to crop a lot in the pictures you take or do you enlarge and print enough of them for 4 MP not to be enough?

  • jake

    Looks like everything people complained about the S5 having is also here on the all new One. Oh, except you get that high end material known as aluminum making up the body. You know, the same high end material soda cans are made of.

  • phor

    I hate that HTC always moves forward with great ideas like the original Sense Clock Widget, kickstands, front facing speakers, etc.., but they just can’t seem to pull off the “entire package” at a price that will make these devices fly off the shelves.

  • kuddus

    New HTC One with Amber Gold is very wanted for us.
    When it’ll be available in Asia?

  • Tamar

    As I wrote on another article on this blog, there is no mention of the phone’s name in these articles. It’s called the HTC One M8, not the new HTC One, and if you’re going to tag the article M8, you should also do a good job of using M8 in the phone’s proper name. This is such poor reporting from a publication I used to respect.

  • renn9420

    As I only favor HTC, this is the phone for me. Can’t wait for T-Mobile to call me and say now available.

  • Tangent

    Micro SD support? That right there is the feature I’m the happiest about vs the One I use now. Give it a replaceable battery and I wouldn’t have a single thing to change. I even love the gunmetal color.

  • donger