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HTC M8 put on display, compared to One max in new set of leaked photos


At this point, HTC’s follow-up to the One has leaked more times than anyone can count. We’re not ones to turn down a new batch of freshly-leaked photos of unannounced smartphones, though, which is why we’re sharing some new images of HTC’s upcoming handset with you this morning.

Posted to Chinese social networking site Weibo by user TD Beta, the photos offer a clear, close-up look at the HTC M8 in the wild. We’re treated to views of just about every angle of the M8, including its dual rear cameras and rounded corners. Also included in today’s leak are some shots that compare the M8 to its older, bigger HTC One max sibling. Some of the major differences between those two handsets are the M8′s smaller size, rounder corners and bottom-mounted headphone jack.

While the HTC M8 may feature a look that’s reminiscent its predecessor, there are actually quite a few differences found on the newer model, including on-screen navigation buttons instead of capacitive keys and the aforementioned headphone jack on the bottom of the unit. Plus, the original HTC One was praised for its metal unibody design when it launched last year, and so HTC’s decision to give the M8 a similar look and feel isn’t exactly a bad thing.

HTC is expected to formally unveil the follow-up to 2013′s One at an event on March 25. Until then, you can find more photos of the device below.

Via: Engadget
Source: TD Beta (1), (2), (3), (4)

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  • Curtis

    I think the original looked more elegant,not feeling this oval type thing.

    • djinn

      I feel the same way! The first One have clean lines, the screen is unobstructed past the sides (although we know the edge is actually plastic made to look like part of the screen). The new One’s screen is flanked by metal on both sides visible when you look up front. Ugly.
      The roundish shape does not lend itself well to the minimalist, zen design as well (which is mostly straight lines and less going on all around). The new One even looks tacky.

      Overall, I don’t like the design this time.

  • Nyt

    It looks older than the current one.

  • namesib

    Lmao HTC are like a sieve. This phone has leaked like crazy.

  • Tma

    much better was first leak…

  • donger


  • Scott

    All these so called leaks is a planed campaign to get the masses talking and interest peaked. All the free press is priceless. HTC has stolen the thunder from Samsung and its release of galaxy 5. And when you see these so called pics of the phone, there is something that each phone has different from each leak. Sounds like there getting feed back on if on screen buttons vs captive or SD card slot or not.

  • Scott

    Yea I don’t get why if there are no more capacitive buttons then why do they need that big useless black area with HTC written in it.

  • dandija misau

    The phone look very ugly.

  • Odandu

    I was looking forward to this phone like crazy, but from the leaked video and pictures, this has been a spectacular let down.

    As Tma said, the first “leak” which is obviously a concept design by a fan looks absolutely stunning. I was really hoping that would be the new HTC.

    Instead, the design has actually gotten worse from the beautiful original.

    1. An ugly metal band where it used to be end to end glass.

    2. That awful HTC logo band – doesn’t host any buttons, and looks dreadful. They could have given us a gorgeous rimless bigger screen – think LG G2. Instead all it does is take screen real estate, and serves absolutely no purpose. We know its an HTC – no need to wreck the phone to remind us its not a Samsung – geez!

    3. The plastic actually made the sides and ends look classy in the One. This looks worse. The bottom looks terrible.

    4. The sense UI looks and feels bland. Like from a phone from 2010.

    Unless the new phone has features that really blow me away, I think I may save my money and give this phone a miss. It seems HTC tripped over their own hype.

    What a shame. I actually saved up for this phone.

  • Scott

    I love the custom roms you can put on a htc phones and come to think of it one comes to mind is the viper for htc this Rom is banging .

  • Nyt

    I like htc bcos of its soft buttons. So weird that they came up with this phone.

  • f

    HATE the on screen buttons. they’re ugly and take up screen space, leaving an unused black bar at the bottom. there is literally no logical reason to move the buttons from their spot onto the screen.
    also: the One looks WAY better, and the new desire better than that. this new One looks… bubbly. like a car from the 90′s.

  • Johir

    I think htc one m8 very very nice shape phone,all thing is perfect ,I love it,really htc one m8 is nice phone