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HTC M8 video leak gives lengthy look at hardware and software

The HTC M8/All New HTC One has followed a pretty standard pattern of leaks in recent weeks. The device has been the subject of spec rumors, reports trying to pin down the date on which it’ll officially debut and some press image leaks. Tonight we’ve hit the next step in the M8′s leak progression: a hands-on video.

YouTube user “GadgetReviews” today posted a 12-minute video showing off both an AT&T HTC M8′s hardware and software, giving us a glimpse at its dual rear cameras, on-screen buttons and refreshed camera UI. We’re also shown the M8′s microSD card slot, which is housed directly above the device’s volume rocker. There are a number of comparisons to the original HTC One in the video as well, giving us a good idea of just how HTC’s 2014 flagship compares to its predecessor.

Unsurprisingly, the lengthy hands-on video has been pulled from YouTube. Even less surprisingly, the clip has since been reuploaded, giving everyone who missed out on the original clip another chance to check it out. The HTC M8 is expected to make its official debut on March 25, and while there’s no word yet on when it’ll actually hit store shelves and consumers’ pockets, recent leaks have suggested that both AT&T and Verizon will carry it in the U.S. Of course, the original One was available on all four major U.S. carriers, and so I wouldn’t be surprised if the M8′s availability is just as widespread.

Via: Engadget
Source: GadgetReviews, Nicky Perdaen

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  • redraider133

    And tomorrow the parents of that kid will be looking for a new job. Couldn’t even block out the identifying info? Come on kid. Liking the device and the SD slot. Hopefully they keep that. Now just to find out about the camera and battery.

  • Nate B.

    Brilliant design as always. I think people who were complaining about it being more rounded then the current one will welcome this with open hands and or get over it pretty quickly. I still wanna see the other two on video or live come March 25 to decide which color I would personally choose. Right now the gun metal is looking pretty mean.

    I’m really curious to see what this secondary camera is all about and the overall camera on the device. It looks pretty smooth panning through home pages. I would love to see final software and see if there are any noticeable cosmetic changes compared to today’s KitKat update like the S5 has compared to previous KitKat updates.

    • _________________

  • kevin n

    What an assclown lol! His dad will be kicking his ass in the morning.

  • jamal adam

    Well, from the looks of it on twitter, he is, to sat the least, fucked. I appreciate him showing us the device and its software but he wasn’t at all covert about hiding critical information that would get him caught.

  • krym73

    Sooooo pretty much everyone(consumers) is holding the biggdog(Samsung) to higher standards.Props to Htc for bringing back the microSD slot.
    Im willing to consider buying one once they improve Sense though, i find touchwiz more appealing to me along with all its extra features.

  • Anthony Tyler

    Fuck Samsung Galaxy s5 HTC One the all new One is gonna blow everyone stock off besides why would the owner would show an pictures or videos of it’s new flagship phone to everyone thinking that this maybe how the new M8 supposedly suppose to look anyway!!!I’m sick of people with there lame comments about this phone.I’m sure it’s gonna to be something Quietly Brilliant as always!!! Ant Dizzie out peace and love to HTC all new One phone for 2014!!!!

  • Anthony Dumm

    Well I think the LG G3 is still gonna be the phone of the year. Camera, IPS QHD display, Snapdragon ??? or their own Octa-core chip is gonna be used. Hopefully MSD card will be available :). But the look of the new M8 is fatter and rounder lol, not as sharp as the M7. I wish the M8 had similar sharp design to the M7.

    • Josh Matthews

      Lol how would LG make their own octo-core chip? They don’t make processors.

  • buy_HTC_phones_Support_HTC

    please, buy HTC, support HTC !

  • donger

    Good M8.

  • Harold Goldner

    Removable memory? Hallelujah. Someone at HTC saw the light.

  • Steve

    Good move adding the sd card slot. Can I ask about an removable battery? Also, Htc should get rid of the way you have to unlock the boot loader, it’s a pain in the ass

  • MM

    This kid sounds like Cripky on the Big Bang Theory! LOL

  • Mario__ZG

    I usualy don’t comment but this shity video I have to. Next time mute videos like this, before upload, or write a big note that crazy iritating little boy has nothing to say. In this case screenshot od phone is better option then this vidio.
    My Lord… if all internet news will be like this one – I am going off line for sure.

    • simlion143

      If you think that’s bad:

      These guys have been going on this for 2 years and haven’t improved themselves since then. They’ve been getting so many dislikes and criticism comments on how they work (not internet herp-derp criticism, like actual constructive but brutal criticism) that they go about delete comments and turning off their like bar because they can’t accept the fact that they suck balls.

      Would be great if someone just took down their channel, makes gamers and anime viewers look bad.

      • Toreon Jones