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HTC One (M8) ads confirm new color options


Is the HTC one (M8) at the top of your “must have” list, but you’re simply not digging the current color options? If some carefully positioned Google ads are to be believed, Stealth Black and Stealth Red may soon be joining the new One’s Gunmetal Gray, Amber Gold and Glacial Silver color lineup. During the HTC One (M8) launch event in New York, one of HTC’s people said that the device’s current color options were limited to three “for now,” implying that new color options are already in the works.

Since last year’s HTC One was eventually released in half a dozen different colors, we’re not at all surprised that HTC would take the same approach with its latest flagship phone. The Google ads for  the Stealth Black and Stealth Red HTC One (M8) don’t give us any clues regarding carrier support or a launch window, though, so we’ll simply have to wait until HTC decides to officially announce the new color options.

htc-one-m8-Stealth-black-ad htc-one-m8-Stealth-Red htc-one-m8-Stealth-Red-ad

Source: HTC Source

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  • Tommy

    Boy the red one looks tight.

    • Nate B.

      How are you able to tell from that picture?

    • Nick Gray

      The red in the image was created by manipulating the color tone of the gold model. It’s not an actual representation of what the red One will really look like.

    • Daniel Golightly

      I have a red m7. It’s remarkable epic looking.

  • Dave Kratter

    I’d love a gunmetal blue.

  • popartist

    I am loving the color on the Gunmetal Gray M8 that I have but if that red is anything like the red was on the One M7 then that will be even more gorgeous. I doubt T-Mobile is going to have the red anyway, so…

    • crazyemon3y

      Red… I would think that it would be a Verizon exclusive if it came to the US. Just my thought…

  • t-mob chick

    MAGENTA ftw

  • donger

    Yes more colors please.

  • Curtis

    I wanna see what the Stealth Black will look like, I like the Glacier Silver the best right now tho. Idk tmobile has nothing right now smh.