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HTC teases new and improved Ultrapixel technology on the all new HTC One


Another week – another official all new HTC One teaser video directly from HTC. The third installment of HTC’s “Technical Translations” series gives us the lowdown on the Ultrapixel camera sensor with its 2.0 micrometer pixels that HTC crammed inside the 2013 HTC One. Once the technical mumbo jumbo is translated into layman’s terms, the all new HTC One in all its pixelated glory is shown off as improvements to the Ultrapixel camera are touted.

Naturally, HTC bleeped out anything that would confirm any of the leaked specs, but we were able to catch a few subtle slips which tell us that the guy wearing a lab coat highlights feature for both the front and rear-facing cameras. The all new HTC One is expected to have a 5-megapixel, f/1.8, back-side-illuminated front-facing camera (identical to what’s on the HTC Desire 816) and dual-sensor camera on the back for better low-light images, optical zoom or even depth perception which would allow refocusing after an images is captured.

It’s nice to know that there’s at least one major player in the Android space that’s thinking of innovative ways to improve the imaging experience rather than just cramming more megapixels into a smaller space.

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  • pekosROB

    I’m really starting to regret buying my LG G2 and wish I held out for the new One. If the 4.4 update would hurry up and come I wouldn’t be regretting it as much but this camera set up is really intriguing me.

    For me, speed of the device and a great camera are the two most important features for me since they would be used the most. The ultrapixel camera on the 2013 One was the only thing I disliked since you would lose some detail on some photos (especially when cropping or zooming). I agree cramming megapixels isn’t being innovated but there is a minimum I would like (8 MP). Low light shooting is also important since I hate using the flash. Can’t wait to see this phone unveiled!

    • donger

      the 25th can’t come any sooner!

      • pekosROB

        You’re telling me!

  • samboy

    Now this is a good phone….

    People, just give this great phonemaker a chance :)

    • JayQ

      I love the fact that HTC’s innovations are always hardware, instead of software that can be downloaded by other developers & maybe even better…. In talking to you Samsung!

  • o

    as a former owner of an HTC one i can honestly say that Ultrapixel is rubbish. the shots look great on your screen but forget blowing them them, you’ll quickly notice the dip in quality. given how crap the camera was, i don’t see it’s any great shout to say the new version is improved – wouldn’t take much.

    • inkfrogrfx

      THANK YOU !!!

      Hate ultrapixels, too, so more of the same? Not falling for it again.



      • jamal adam

        HTC had a great idea in the Ultrapixel and it was more innovative then the rest of the companies who were busy just adding more and more megapixels. The only fault I see from the OG One is that it only had 4 ultrapixel and that hindered it in terms of picture quality when zooming in and cropping it. However, you must remember that was HTC’s first venture into that realm and now they, I hope, have refined the flaws and provided this new beauty with at least 8 ultrapixels and the addition of the second camera will probably bring with it a slew of new features and capabilities that are most likely absent in other cameras on flagship devices.

    • SubX

      It must be your One because mine look awesome once wiewed on my pc on full HD monitor.
      They also look awesome when viewing on my 60′ full HD TV.

      I don’t get what everyone complains about. The One’s camera is awesome!
      As I have stated many times before, I have taken photos at my cousins wedding and I was aksed what camera I used. My cousin could not believe they were taken with my One and went as far to say that I must have been using a SLR.

      Again, though, to expect SLR quality pictures from a phone is just rediclious!
      You want quality pics, use a quality dedicated camera!

  • Bittunas

    So the main sensor will be a 8 megapixel or more main sensor on back for normal photography and another ultrapixel sensor especially for Low light imaging. Is it correct ?

  • Anthony

    Agreed on the min resolution. Ultrapixels really do help out in low light, but I’d rather have at least 8MP. Itd be great if they could do both, even better if that mysterious extra camera lens was in fact a 16 mp camera for well-lit scenarios and the main one was 8 ultrapixels

  • Allen

    HTC should drop all this UltraPixel rubbish. I look at the shots my friends take with their GS4s and the HTC doesn’t compare! I will certainly move on to something else when my time comes!!!!

  • kookl

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  • Tony Williams

    Love my HTC One. Hate the camera. My advice to anyone thinking about buying the 2014 One would be to wait at least six months before doing so. Let them iron out all the problems with the camera first. They had return and repair with the first one. And it’s still a poor performer.

  • donger

    Want it now.

  • SubX

    You people are all on crack or something!

    The camera on the One is awesome. You either dont know how to use it or your just on the “the One’es camera is shit” bandwagon,

    I have never had a problem with my camera. It works great. It takes much better photos than all the Galaxy models and smashes the iPhone out of the sky!

    I have said it before and will keep saying it, if you base your choice of phone on the camera then your are an idiot! You simply cannot get SLR quality images from a smartphone. In fact you will not get the same quality as a $199 point and shoot. STOP trying to!

    Yes the camera in a phones it becoming a big part of our daily usage and it is understandable as we have a phone with us every where we go. But to rely solely on your camera phone when going out and you know you will be taking photos is stupid! In the end you know you will be disappointed with the images so don’t complain.

  • bradon

    I own a HTC ONE and the camera has red and pink and purple tints in any setting that has less than optimal lighting.

    If you cover the camera up you see a purple screen instead of black.

    I would be very careful getting anything that uses ultra pixel