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HTC to stream all new HTC One launch event – the countdown begins


If you’re reading this news, you’re probably one of the millions of people who will not be attending the all new HTC One launch event on March 25. Those attending the media event in London and New York will be among the first (following the hundreds of people who snapped pictures and leaked all the details we already know) to get hands-on time with HTC’s new flagship device. Fortunately, HTC has decided to live stream the event, giving you the opportunity to watch HTC confirm all the intricate details about the all new HTC One which we’re shared with you for the past few months.

HTC has posted an ominous countdown clock, reminding us that the all new HTC One will be officially unveiled in just over four days. Will you be tuning in to HTC’s live stream to watch the unveiling of the all new HTC One?

Via: HTC Source

Source: HTC

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  • buy_HTC_support_HTC

    buy HTC phones ! support HTC !

  • Bourgeois

    “Hey everyone! There is a countdown clock”

    • Namaste

      They had one last year for the og One too.

  • Larry Whorley

    I’ll definitely be watching. I have the One and absolutely love it. I’ve had no problem with the camera or anything for that matter – it’s been the perfect phone. Do I upgrade or not? Hard decision to make but the upgrade HTC is doing to the camera may just force me into it.

  • Dhruv Sahni

    I have a galaxy S3,, waiting for HTC to show its new phone as Galaxy S5 was just more of the same. Need something new now. Final decision btw New HTC One and Sony Z2.

  • Yousef

    Design is the best but !!! S5 performance is far better

    • kevdo

      And how would you know that the s5 performance is better mate? The htc one was number 1 phone of 2013 and won numerous awards. So I think you may be surprised :-)

    • ramini

      LOL!!!!!!! Have you compared already both devices? All knowing guy spotted! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

    • inception

      Your an idiot. The Galaxy series has never ever out performed the HTC One. Face facts. Your wrong. Be done with it and bury your head in a pile of shit.

  • donger


  • Real Rell

    I can’t wait for the device I’m getting it the day it comes out and I hope T-Mobile bile has it in stock

  • Lover

    Great phone with stunning design …, I will definitely buy it :)

  • joggernat

    My best smartphone is getting better.