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HTC’s March 25 event teaser hints at dual-sensor camera


If all the latest hands-on video, rumors and pictures of the all new HTC One have not convinced you that the phone will have a dual-sensor camera, HTC’s latest teaser probably won’t help much. The latest update to hit HTC’s social media update reads “Life is about to become twice as beautiful. Coming March 25th” and is accompanied by the image above. Yes, HTC could be hinting that March 25 will be the launch of the second HTC One, but we happen to think the image is a direct reference the two imaging sensors located on the back of the phone.

HTC is going to have a tough year battling Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei for market share in the high-end smartphone segment, but after what we saw from the competition at Mobile World Congress, HTC may actually have a fighting chance is it can deliver a unique device to succeed last year’s HTC One.

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  • jeddo45

    Well, I think the cat was let out of the bag on the leaked video, but can’t wait for the 25th! It’s going to be one of the best phones of 2014!

  • donger

    Can’t wait. GPE!

    • SGB101

      I’d take a bet the second camera won’t work with GPE, or will but the HTC proprietary software wont be there to do whatever magic it’s meant to.

  • Inception

    You think? I don’t think it will be much of a battle for HTC! Samsung has done little to impress with the S5 and the Nokia X is just dismal. Huawei does not have a lot to impress either nor does LG. IF anyone, Sony is going to be the hardest.
    Even the Vivo Xplay is better than the S5 and LG offerings.

    But look at the One, seriously, no one has built such a nicer looking phone with gapless body than can even come close!

    • Paul Atreides

      Lower that reality distortion field of yours.

  • Orion78

    Not much for a battle? Samsung is still going to sell more. Also, the G3 is going to be a real beast.

  • Krigskoen

    This is the sensor that’s in the new HTC phone:

    “it is possible to realize a focus adjustment feature and objects extraction after images are captured. The resolution enhancement feature available with the companion LSI makes it possible to improve the output resolution to approximately the same level as 13M-pixel smartphone cameras. As a result, it is possible to realize smartphones that are thinner than those with a 13M-pixel camera but offer comparable resolution.”

    Cool idea

  • Rasta Silver

    Well done HTC competition is good for the consumers I have no plans to buy it no matter how shiny pretty looks etc I use a phone with removable battery at least they now have expandable Card Slot and the next thing no matter how premium or cheap your phone looks we put them in a case