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iFixit gives HTC One M8 high marks for durability, but good luck putting it back together


HTC went to great pains during the launch event to talk up the durable aluminum construction of the HTC One M8 and iFixit has confirmed that assertion after taking the device under its knife (and all of the other tools it uses to eviscerate shiny new gadgets).

The HTC One M8 actually doubled the score of its predecessor on the repairability scale, but you may recall that the original One managed the worst score in iFixit history with a 1 out of 10.┬áConsidering that most of us are happy to let the insides of our phone stay on the inside, that isn’t really a major concern. But the bad news is this also means that, should anything break on your new HTC One, there is precious little chance that you are going to be able to fix it yourself.

You might remember that HTC recently put into place the HTC Advantage warranty, which means that if you break the screen on your device within the first six months they will replace it for free. And if you do more extensive damage, they’ll replace your phone with a refurbished One M8.

You can watch the video of the teardown below or hit the source link if you want the full details on how to go about destroying something beautiful.

Does the extremely low repairability score bother anyone, or is it a trade off you are willing to make for a more sleek and durable device?

Source: iFixit

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  • steve99

    Being able to fix something yourself is a big advantage. I was able to fix my Note 2 screen for 60 bucks. I don’t think a score of 2 out of 10 is anything to brag about.

  • Igaal Naouri

    Who cares how fucking hard it is to fix the phone!

  • Sean Riley

    Well I like that we have both sides of the coin represented in comments anyway. Generally I’m inclined to agree with Igaal as I have only really broken one phone in about 15 years of cell phone ownership, but I’m sure it must be frustrating to have something relatively minor happen to your phone and be unable to do anything about it.

  • Igaal Naouri

    Sean to me something minor is a scratch which I can live with but if you broke your screen or dropped it in the toilet then it’s not minor and you send it to a technician which explains why I don’t care about this test. Btw for my M7 I took an insurance that cost an extra $10 a month! you could do a lot worse with your money

  • donger

    Not doing this.