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Latest HTC M8 leaks include pair of new images, whisper of Google Play edition


The HTC M8′s official unveiling may still be a couple of weeks out, but luckily for us there have been a number of leaks to help make the wait easier. Today a few more details on HTC’s upcoming flagship have leaked out, including two new images of the device.

First up, @evleaks has shared an image of the HTC M8 donning a unique flip cover-style case. The front of the case is covered with holes, some of which are lit up with different colors to display the time and weather. Details on this case are pretty light outside of what we can glean from the image, but it looks like a pretty interesting take on the flip cover-style cases offered by LG and Samsung that include small windows for displaying information when the cover is closed.

The second tidbit of HTC M8 info today relates to a different variant of the device that’s said to be in the works. According to @evleaks, the M8 will be made available as a Google Play edition phone, much like the original HTC One was last year. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of when the GPe M8 might launch, so it’s not clear how much of a wait there will be between the launch of the Sense-equipped M8 and the vanilla Android version.


Finally, a purported press render of the HTC M8 has been leaked by MobileSyrup. The image shows the Telus version of the upcoming HTC flagship, complete with rounded corners and BoomSound speakers.

HTC is expected to officially unveil the M8 on March 25 at events in both New York City and London. After all that we’ve seen of the HTC M8 so far, are you excited for its arrival?

Sources: @evleaks, MobileSyrup

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  • Ian Neasham

    I personally can’t wait to see what it has under the bonnet. The design looks amazing and I will get to see it irl on 27th March in London when I attend the Oneup HTC launch in London /

    • noah

      Wow you must be really important and well connected to be attending the launch I am so impressed with you.

      It is March 25th.

    • jum

      HTC M8 looks fantastic, sooo much better than the new Samsung S5. My next phone for sure.

    • Senad

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  • Nate B.

    Please no ignorant comments thinking this will impact battery life. It’s a cover. It will only show when you power it on like any other case that allows info to be shown like the Galaxy phones. This is just another way and it looks pretty sweet. I hope there are more surprises HTC can show us that we don’t know of the phone itself come March 25.

    • Alexxx

      That is just amazing looking, with case, I’m speechless – anyway, here’s how I think it works: The magnets snap the cover in place, and the software knows the exact positioning of the holes, then it only lights up certain and very few pixels on the screen, those tiny holes on the case are acting like pixels themselves and from there you tell the phone what you want to see on that – its amazing! wow, htc, wow, wow…so beautiful, I don’t care how pathetic I sound LOL, I’d trade my new alienware for that! I’m crazy in love with HTC.

    • MelonAnd

      More all Android deals here if someone is interested.

  • sere83

    Nice, but still have no idea why there is that chunky black bar along the bottom with HTC on it. What function could that possibly be serving?

    • Alexxx

      …I might be wasted and replying to everyone cause my temp LG SUX and i cant even txt my fiance , but I choose my words wisely lol, and umm….can we post links here? safe? just a google jpg? please have a look at this image, HTC Diamind – this was 2006, HTC had the densest and crispiest screen on the market on this flagship, magnet pulled stylus, 3D Sense with clip contacts, 3d weather, multiple homescreens, on top of Windows Mobile that looked like krap lol, it did. My point is look at the black bezel around screen, then look at the Logo, there’s a legacy here, and I understand this design, you might hate it because i agree, it’s not well used practically, but HTC had to butt in lol, its just how its done. Im thinking, it could/should? be a fingerprint scanner?

      • Alexxx

        ofCOURSE, I forget the link,

        or just google HTC Diamond to see the design/dna of htc im talking about. I chose this render because it shows the stylus.

        • Alexxx

          nvm omg mod please delete this link, lol, fking google search LMfao

          • Alexxx

            please DO NOT OPEN this link, it is not safe, i’ve alerted the mod to delete.

    • jamal adam

      That’s pretty much the only thing I don’t like so far but we’ll see if they have more surprises for us come launch day. I wish they went the route of LG in terms of screen-to-body ratio and bezel but I guess we are not there yet, can’t have everything yet sadly.

  • steve

    The open cover works great on Samsung phones, it’s a good feautre. Don’t need to unlock phone if it isn’t import enough

  • David Foggia

    Dat case doe. Getting that immediately after I get the phone, if all goes as planned

  • jeddo45

    Google Play Edition?! Looking really nice!

  • Atticus

    what is the difference between the google play version and the telus version or whatever is coming out first? is it worth waiting for the GP? can the telus be upgraded to the GP? I’m switching to android from iOS soon so i don’t know these things lol

    • Dave

      This phone is looking better and better. I have to admit, I am a little wary of the big black bar, but after seeing the phone in use from that massive leaked video, I’m not as turned off by that as I was. That case looks sick. I was pretty set on not getting a case until just now. Dammit HTC take my money.

      • Dave

        Oh sorry didn’t mean to reply. But to answer your question, the google play edition is a completely unskinned version of the phone, i.e., HTC’s Sense 6.0 will not be on the phone, and it will be totally stock android. Most likely you will be able to switch between software(s) after the GP edition is released (this was possible with the original HTC One)

  • James

    I have a feeling it might be called the One^2 or maybe just the All New One. Just my two cents.

  • udaykumar reddy

    I’m eagerly waiting to see the device HTC M8 in my hands. But please make sure that upcoming HTC smartphones will have a serious like HTC ONE,HTC TWO & THREE..

  • udaykumar reddy

    I’m curious to see the upcoming smartphone HTC M8 in my hands. But please make sure hereafter the HTC smartphone having a name calls HTC TWO & THREE..

  • robot social culture

    Interesting to see all the variations of design in the “new HTC one” the past few months. I don’t remember seeing any leaks for the HTC one last year.

    I really like the look of my HTC One, not wanting it to change too much. I hope that on the 25th of March i will be in for a nice surprise with a tweaked finalised design that might leave out the HTC black bar, have symmetrical speaker grills and maybe not the rim around the screen.

    Love the new dot matrix case design.

  • popartist

    There’s also a new teaser video — this time for the camera out — doesn’t confirm the leaks except that it will continue with the Ultrapixels, which are clearly explained…;)

    (meant to post that here, not the other topic)

    • Noel

      Well said…will very very much love to see that huge black logo bar gone and replaced with more usable screen space. Pls Pls HTC do something about this situation…the only thing changeable at this point is the face design and increase the usable screen to 5.2″.

  • donger

    GPE here I come.

  • Joe Martin

    htc always rocks