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LG G Flex might get 4K video recording feature in KitKat update

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The LG G Flex is technically able to capture 4K video, but you wouldn’t know that with its stock software. That camera sensor is quite capable, though, and the developers at XDA have modded the device to shoot 4K video. They’ve even added the option of shooting at 120 FPS as well. But mods like those are useless to the regular person.

Luckily, it seems that LG will be adding the ability to shoot 4K video in the G Flex’s KitKat update. A source close to LG claims that the company will add 4K video capture in the update, but there was no mention of 120 FPS video. It’s very rare that a company adds a feature so big in an update, so such a move would be very appreciated.

The G Flex’s Android 4.4 update should be arriving in the next few weeks, so we’ll find out soon if this rumor is true. If it is, we’ll have to give big props to LG for adding a major new feature to an existing device. How many of you have an LG G Flex? Are you excited to shoot 4K video? Leave a comment!

Via: Pocket Now

Source: Phone Arena

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  • pekosROB

    Does anyone here have a G Flex? If so, how do you like it? I think that phone would be too big for me, but I’m on Verizon so it doesn’t even matter anyway. At least I don’t think Verizon will get it.

    • Dima Aryeh

      I’m wondering the same! Reviews don’t cut it, it’s good to know what general consumers think of the device.

    • Jonathan Hines

      I just got the G Flex a couple of weeks ago. I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy S III, and I love it. I initially planned on getting the Galaxy Note III, but the AT&T salesperson showed me the Flex next to the Note and I fell in love with it. The curved screen helps with operating it (it is big, so it helps with 1-handed ops). And it is very fast. The snapdragon definitely shines on this phone. I would like it to have the S-pen like the Note III, but then I know I would never really use it anyway. I initially wasn’t going to consider it because it has 720p resolution screen rather than a 1080p like the Note III, but once I saw it I realized it was far clearer and sharper than I anticipated, and looked exactly the same as the Note III, so I suppose that it doesn’t really matter since it is on a phone screen rather than a TV screen. The camera works great too, lots of cool features. The only drawback would be finding a place to put it since it is large, and while it fits into men’s pocket jeans just fine, it is obvious that you have it in your pocket when you do. But, the size is also something I personally like about it.

      One of my favorite things (besides the size and watching videos on it) is multitasking. I love being able to have messages and internet open at the same time, or YouTube and Facebook, etc., and since the screen is so large they are both perfectly visible. Very cool in my book. I love Samsungs, but I’m glad the AT&T guy talked me into this one.

      • pekosROB

        Awesome, thanks for responding!

      • Rob G

        I would like to say that you can not use facebook and other apps side by side. The apps you can use are, as of date preset, and cannot be modified. I was very dissapointed with this initialy but it does not impact productivity as it so easy to switch between open apps quickly.

    • Josie

      I’ve had it for a month, I upgraded from note 2 and I am in love with it. Yes it’s 720p but that doesn’t bother me at all. The screen is plastic old and feels like butter your finger just glides effortlessly. It is a powerhouse! The performance is smooth with absolutely no hiccups. I ran an antutu benchmark test and it ranked above the note 3.The battery can potentially last over a day!

      • pekosROB

        Thanks for your input!

    • Erik Alarid

      Have the phone one sprint it’s really better what people say on reviews. I love watching movies on it the battery life is crazy good. Also holding in your hand is better

    • Kevin

      I had a note 3 on sprints network. I changed to at&t went with the gflex to try it out i love it! Even though it has less ram its faster. Also battery life is better then my note 3.Screen isnt as high resolution but isnt that noticeable. Love watching movies and playing games it feels like a deeper experience. Its a larger screen then my note 3 but easier to hold and i can be in landscape mode all the time.

    • Elissa Hpaige

      It was at first but now it seems to be the right size. Kinda like having a S UV. It makes you look all around and feel sorry for car drivers. Lol

    • Fox

      Love it… It is too big at times.. Coming from someone with carpol tunnel, but I have had a blast with it. I can honestly say I have not been disappointed in any way… Well except for the auto correct. Other then that every feature defines who I am.

  • RM

    Just picked up a Flex a couple of days ago for AT&T. Very happy with it, screen is great regardless of what online reviews say, very fast and battery lasts forever.

  • kenneth

    I have had my g flex for a few weeks and its amazing. I upgraded from a Galaxy 4 and I will never look back! besides from it being so big you really dont notice the 720p screen unless looking at another phone side by side. works flawlessly and the UI is fluent and more user friendly than expected. But I did notice the screen does this burn in thing,..very weird.

    • Q

      If you put the screen on 50% it does it less and 75% and at 100% i dont see it at all

  • Ed Starkey

    I have a G Flex and I can record video at 3840×2160 already. Isn’t that 4K?

  • Richard Cramer


  • Richard Cramer

    I had the Note 3 on T-mobile and exchanged it with the G flex because I was getting bad reception where I live. The G flex’s antenna must be bigger because I have not had any dropped calls since I received it about 3 weeks ago. The note felt like it would break if I dropped it, the G flex feels much sturdier, especially knowing that the screen will bend and won’t shatter. The screen is very good considering the resolution and best when the brightness is turned up. I have noticed the residual refresh a few times, but is no big deal considering. The best thing of all is the battery, I use it all day for business and it will easily go a day and a half. What is even more amazing is my father has one and he was in the hospital and used it sparingly but it still had battery after 4 days, almost unbelievable. I have had many high end phones but I will have to say this is the best phone I have ever had. I highly recommend it.

  • Q

    Okay i have the phobe. Had it about a week. And no one mentions that this is by far the fastest phone out period! The G flex is an flat out beast! And from what ive seen of the benchmark scores of the Galaxy s5 its faster then that also. A few things if you haave any questions about the screen turn the brightness all the way up and adjust it down to where you like it

  • donger

    Good news.

  • AMET

    Bonjour, J’ai changé mon NOTE 3 pour un LG FLEX et pas de regret ! Superbe écran, rapide et très lumineux … J’attends la mise à jour KITKAT avec impatience .

  • daniel

    I love my g flex and 4k vid? Holy moly lol cool

  • Jimbo Stro

    Love the Flex. Probably the best phone out there. Only bad thing, it does not come with KitKat. As for the display. If LG never mentioned it was 720p no one would ever know!!! Compared a HD video on YouTube with my 1080p PC and really could not tell the difference. As for 4K, who cares. A 5 minute 4K video would take up all the available space on the phone. The video files would be huge!! Let’s worry about getting KitKat released & save 4K for the next generation Flex.
    C’mon LG, lets get our priorities straight!!

  • Tyson Nevills

    Man I’m a phone junkie I get every phone that comes out on AT&T. The flex is for real. Fastest cpu out now, and everywhere I go. People ask about it and want to hold it.. It does everything any other phone does but it does it faster, and nothings cooler

  • R3D

    I’ve had my g flex for about three weeks now. I traded my s4 for the g flex, and it totally blows in speed. My brother in law has the note3 and although I like its features, I prefer the g flex. Its screen resolution is the only negative, it has to be turned to its brightest to eliminate the pixelation. Its battery life is awesome, it last me all day with out a single charge. The curve of the phone mskes awesome viewing of videos and easy fit in the rear and front pockets. Rating this phone and note3 ill definetly say g flex is quicker.e

  • joe m

    The lg flex does record in 4k already. We re waiting for the kitkat update which will enhance the knock feature. This guy doesnt know what hes tallijg about

  • anthony peragine

    I have the g flex went and got a upgrade from my note 2 was initially gonna get the s5 but i by far love the flex the screen is great crispness is awesome speed is nutz and as for the knock knock are yall talking bout tapping the screen to turn it on if so mine already has it and im running 4.2 and love it just wish it had finger print unlock feature

  • Patrick Mcglynn

    All I can say is after owning 8 android phones this is the best. Superfast. Great display.. I don’t care if it’s 720. It looks just as good as my 1080 Galaxy note I had. Not to mention it’s much cheaper. This is the most underestimated phone I’ve seen. I’d your in the market and wanted something with a huge screen that’s mega fast. Look no further. Not to mention the insanely long battery life. It this is the first phone I didn’t root and put a rom on it the stock is perfect.. Enough said.

  • Kisha Nixon

    I love my flex hands down. Upgraded from S4 to get the S5 and walked out with G Flex and Love it!

  • donho

    I have had it for a month(tmobile) had it unlocked and it worked flawlessly(as it should) with many, out of US carriers.

    I picked it for battery life and it is fantastic. Screen is a mini Imax style. Great for vid.
    I came from a S3 which became really slow with 4.3
    and would get hot with games.

    This Glfex never gets hot. Seems like a good thing. The new 4.4 update gave me UHD mode recording(I assume this is the 4k) but dont you need a monitor/TV to playback on???

    I was asked alot about this phone by strangers. maybe the curved design. or maybe because everyone seems to have a galaxy or iphone. The curved design makes the size feel so much smaller

    Oh yeah, the only drawback I felt pre purchase, was the 720 screen. But I dont even notice now. Plus the screen is very bright at only 10%, which makes the monster battery last even longer, and only gets clearer with higher settings.

    I do use a screen saver, which I hate. Infact this is my first android that I used one on. I am afraid the flexible screen is prone to scratches over a rigid screen??? Anyone??