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LG releases inspired new G Flex ad


Now the only question is whether the ad is more likely to inspire nightmares or interest in LG’s curved creation.

Despite its unique screen and other impressive specs, including a self-healing feature that everyone likes to demonstrate, the LG G Flex hasn’t exactly caught fire with consumers. However, every time we post about it we seem to get a G Flex user or two chiming in to say that the device has been fantastic for them, with the only caveat being that it can be a bit of a beast to fit into a pants pocket.

Perhaps a great ad campaign is all the G Flex needs to really take off with the average consumer. Early reactions I’ve seen to this ad seem to vary from “This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen” to “This is pure genius.” So yeah, not exactly clear cut. Regardless of whether you love it or hate it, people seem to be sharing it everywhere, and assuming the watcher doesn’t go run screaming from the room, they’ll be hard-pressed to miss what phone the ad is about.

Check the ad out below and let us know which side you fall on.

Source: LG YouTube

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  • twatts723

    What a disturbing commercial. The thing with his hand; is that how you hold a g flex? They prob could’ve done a little better than that

    • flex

      it looks like female genitals

  • BlazeHN

    What a disgusting and horrible add. It’s not even funny, original or anything. It’s simply a failure.

  • oaler

    if my hand had mouth id never leave the house

  • Rising25

    The most unimaginative commercial ever… man Ive seen bad ones and this one makes those bad commercials look good, omG…..

  • renyo

    I love it! Its just different… Very South Park-ish…

    • donger