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Moto X College Collection brings new colors to Moto Maker


One common occurrence in the smartphone world is a manufacturer that decides to re-release an existing product in a new color post-launch in order to drum up some more consumer interest. Motorola did something similar earlier this year when it added wood backs to Moto Maker, and today the company is adding even more options to its customization tool with its new College Collection.

The College Collection brings nine new back colors as well as three new accent hues to Moto Maker. Motorola has also launched a gallery with 43 pre-configured college designs as well as matching Uncommon cases with school logos printed on them.

Rounding out Motorola’s college-themed announcements is the news of a new student discount. Motorola says that anyone with a valid .edu email address is eligible to purchase an off-contract Moto X for $339, a full $60 less than the regular base price of the contract-free X.

While the Moto Maker customization tool previously offered a pretty wide range of options between its warm and cool colors as well as its wood covers, the addition of more color options is certainly a welcome one. The only bummer is that existing Moto X owners can’t get one of these new colors on their device, perhaps in the form of a snap-on cover like the Moto G has. I suppose that that’s what the student discount is for, though, right?

The Moto X College Collection design gallery and its new color options can be found at the link below. Be sure to let us know if you decide to build a Moto X using some of the newly-added hues!

Source: Moto X College Collection

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