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Motorola and Sprint approve 4.4.2 update for the Moto X

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While most devices are still waiting to get their first taste of KitKat, Motorola has been busy pushing a second Android 4.4 update out to the Moto X. The KitKat update was released to the Moto X shortly after it became available for the Nexus 7 devices, and now this latest update brings the Moto X up to 4.4.2, the absolute latest version of Android. And this time, it’s Sprint who is rolling it out.

This update is not a big one. It offers a slight bump in Android version along with better battery life, cloud printing and bug fixes. It’s still a solid update, though, and has proven itself useful on other carriers. These small maintenance updates show that Motorola cares enough about its flagship phone to keep it running the latest and greatest software.

Now that the update has been approved, you should start to see it hitting devices. Check for the update manually in Settings > About phone > System updates and tell us if you get anything! Now we wait for the final carrier to release this update. AT&T, hurry it up! I want 4.4.2 too!

Via: Droid-Life

Source: Motorola

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