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Motorola announces Moto 360, an absolutely stunning smartwatch

Moto 360

I think Motorola has blown the minds of Android enthusiasts everywhere with the Moto 360. The company announced this new device around the same time Google released its wearables SDK, and if this is what the SDK can do, we can’t wait for the new generation of wearables.

Moto 360 maps

There is very little information about the Moto 360, but it’ll have a large, round display that will emulate a real watchface. When it’s being used, it’ll show pretty much everything you want. Hangouts notifications, Google Maps navigation, weather and more. It looks both useful and beautiful. I think the style is perfect, finally bringing smartwatches into the realm of real watches. Pebble Steel tried to do it, but Moto 360 takes it so much further.

The smartwatch will be coming summer of 2014 in various styles, and more information will be released from now until then. So far, we know very little about this device, but we can’t wait to find out more. Motorola and Lenovo seem to have a bright future ahead of them. Tell us what you think about this new device in the comments, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Source: Moto 360

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  • pekosROB

    Finally someone with a ROUND smartwatch! This is what a ton of people have been waiting for. Plus it shows all of the stuff we actually want to see, like certain notifications. I’m pretty damn interested in this, depending on the price, visibility in direct sunlight, and battery life. If it can go a week then just SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! A week is probably unrealistic but all day with a little juice to spare or something would be nice. I wouldn’t mind it being a little thicker so it can have some kind of perpetual motion or something helping with battery life.

    • gpt2010

      This is the first smartwatch to look like a luxury brand. FINALLY! I hated the way all the other smartwatches looked like before the Moto360. They all just looked like a gadget more than a watch. A glorified Casio. Sorry not interested. Finally Motorola had common sense that not all of us want a glorified Casio on our wrist. The Moto360 is a looker. I can’t wait. Samsung take notes! Maybe Apple should too. We will have to wait and see.

    • motorola soybeans

      this chinese company is on fire

  • Spencer Pablo

    Wow. If Xetum made a smart watch–BAM.

    This is my next.

  • BlazeHN

    Since its Moto I expect a price under the average competitors (like Moto X and Moto G did). Also this is the best design smarthwatch by far.

  • Nate B.

    It looks better round, but I also think Motto capitalized here with the software Google put into it. They really need to design a Nexus with some new hardware or features we haven’t experienced yet. Moto would kill.

  • surethom

    Very nice BUT lets hope it launches outside america much quicker than other motorola devices.

  • nportelli

    I hope it is fairly thin.

  • surethom

    Come on battery tech I so so want this sexy smart watch but even better if as light & thin as a normal watch that lasts all week.


  • clocinnorcal

    Very nice looking! Let’s hope this is very close the the released product!

  • reddragonman

    I really wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with a round design. I think it will be a big hit, depending on battery life, price point, and real world functionality of course. It’s actually the first smart watch I would even consider wearing, and I’m not a watch person.

  • redraider133

    This looks amazing. Finally a manufacturer created a device that actually looks like a watch. Now depending on the price and battery life, it could be a huge seller.

  • jerrbomb


  • A.Woodbury

    As soon aa we can preorder this, I’m in!

  • donger

    Wow this watch looks good.

  • Mix

    Looks pretty darn sexy!

  • (sic)

    Awesome!! this is REAL definition of a watch, not dumping the whole phone UI into a ugly square looking crap. Give me pre-order link yeah!!

  • ravindra mokshagundam

    Too TEMPTING !!!!!!.