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‘New HTC One’ teased again, this time in metal unibody-focused video

Just 12 hours after the HTC M8 starred in a lengthy hands-on video leak, the device is back in the news again. This time, though, it’s making headlines in a more official fashion.

HTC has posted its second “Technical Translations” teaser video for the follow-up to its One flagship. This new clip focuses on the One’s metal unibody construction, going into detail about how the aluminum shell is created and anodized. Just as in the previous “Technical Translations” video, the scientist pulls out the new HTC One toward the end of the clip, but the pixelation on the device makes it impossible to make out any of its features. However, the new One is described as having an “even sleeker” design than its predecessor.

According to all of the leaks that we’ve seen to date, the HTC M8 will feature a design that’s similar to the HTC One, but with corners that are slightly more round. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though, as the One’s aluminum construction and curved backside won quite a bit of praise from reviewers and users alike. The good news is that it shouldn’t be too much longer before we’re able to handle the M8 and find out for ourselves just how much sleeker it is, because HTC is planning to unveil the device at an event on March 25. Until then, you can check out “HTC Technical Translations #2: Metal Unibody” above.

Source: HTC (YouTube)

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  • BlazeHN

    Its funny how the show it like big mistery and all and that kid yesterday show the M8 totally from all the angles, the screen, menus and all xD

    • Nate B.

      To be honest that kid didn’t really show us anything new besides a couple camera options. The physical part of the phone looked great, but I’m sure HTC has some surprises software wise and features for us.

      • BlazeHN

        Sure, I meant about the phisical look, they still teasing us showing it like censored and all.

        Yup I expect big things from HTC still. Heck I would even like to see 3D recording since it have dual cameras (or at least some dev make such use with an App).

  • Igaal Naouri

    Big expectations= big disappointments ;-)

  • donger


  • none

    “but the pixelation on the device makes it impossible to make out any of its features”

    Such a stupid thing to say when you’ve seen the kid fully exposing the device already days ago!