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OnePlus goes back on its word, opts for Snapdragon 801 processor

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OnePlus has been quite vocal about the specs that it’s chosen for its upcoming smartphone. For example, when it came time to announce the processor in the OnePlus One, the company took great care to explain its choice in a relatable way. It ended up selecting an older Snapdragon 800 instead of the newer Snapdragon 801.

The reasoning for this decision was made clear: Looking at performance, cost, battery life and availability, the Snapdragon 800 was simply a better option. It allowed the OnePlus to release the One on time in Q2 2014 and still offer high-end performance with a sub-$400 price tag. It was understandable, and most of us didn’t think of the company poorly for its decision.

However, the banner on the OnePlus Google+ page now shows “Snapdragon 801″ as the One’s processor. We can’t imagine why the company would change its mind. Sure, the Snapdragon 801 will better benefit the users, but this choice also invalidates everything OnePlus has previously said. Maybe something significant changed that allowed the company to use the newer processor. Either way, an explanation would be great.

In the end, we’re just glad to see a spec improvement on the OnePlus One. I’m looking forward the device’s launch, and the addition of a Snapdragon 801 is gets me even more excited . Give us your opinion in the comments!

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  • renyo

    I’m guessing they said, what can we put in a phone for 400 bucks… And keeping that in mind, they probably worked backwards… With price fluctuations, they probably ended up being able to put a 801 instead of an 800 and still stuck to the same price!

  • 99steven

    Hey if it’s the same price range 360-380, i’m all in, but didn’t they say the 801 had worse battery stats? This phone makes me very happy, can’t wait till launch day, by far the most interesting phone if the year. For me anyway

  • Michael

    Well…they spoke about battery performance, etc, for their choice in the snapdragon 800…However, they also spoke about availability of the processor to get the one out as early as possible….Thus two things come to mind..Firstly, they may have been able to secure the 801processors within their projected timeline…and secondly… Their are variants to the snapdragon 800 and 801 processors ( AA, AB, etc)…Therefore they may be using a sbapdragon 801 which is the same base as the 800 they were going to use which would not compromise their battery, heat and peformance goals.

  • Michael


  • Michael

    *there….. God I hate auto correct..

  • donger

    Looks promising.