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OnePlus is hosting an AMAA on Reddit tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST


Frustrating naming conventions aside, the folks at OnePlus have certainly caught the Android community’s attention with their upcoming One smartphone by working directly with CyanogenMod and at least saying the right things about their intentions as a manufacturer.

With that said there hasn’t been a tremendous amount of detail yet regarding the phone, which they plan to launch sometime in Q2. We’ve had some largely cryptic references to the specs of the phone and some more pointed statements about the price (under $400). But that leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

This will be your chance to pose whatever questions you might have to the OnePlus team as they take to the r/Android subreddit for an AMAA. For those not familiar the extra A means this is an “Ask Me Almost Anything” which is pretty standard fare at this point.

Regardless their AMAA will kick off at 8:30 PM EST, so be there if you want to try your hand at getting them to reveal their secrets.

What questions do you have for the OnePlus team? And is anyone making a side bet on how many times they are asked what they were thinking going with the name OnePlus One?

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Source: +OnePlus

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