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OnePlus One rumored to have choice of physical or on-screen buttons

OnePlus One buttons

From my time interacting with our commenters, I have seen the great divide between those who want capacitive buttons underneath the display of their device and those that love on-screen buttons. I can go for either if done right, but some people are extremely against one or the other. And while we, the opinionated tech geeks, are a minority, it’s hard for a device manufacturer to please us all.

However, it seems that OnePlus is on track to do just that. According to famous leak artist @evleaks, the company will be offering a choice between on-screen or capacitive buttons on the OnePlus One flagship. This will give everyone the phone they really want. Plus with CyanogenMod powering the device, it will be easy to change the software to conform around the on-screen buttons.

If this ends up being legit, it’ll be awesome to see a company offering such options for those who care. Hopefully OnePlus succeeds in its latest ventures, because we could use a good company like that in the tech industry. So tell us, lovely commenters, which option would you choose?

Source: @evleaks, (2)

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  • BlazeHN

    Now this is the kind of things we want to see at our Android devices, user customization.

    Personally I love capacitive buttons and have 100% of my 5.7″ Note 3 screen free of ugly black bars and such all the time.

  • namesib

    That’s a really good idea. Although I’m a fan of Samsung’s physical button, something with the form of the LG G Pro 2 without virtual buttons would be very desirable. All that screen space!

  • Thijs Oost

    For me, ParanoidAndroid’s PIE is a great solution: you hide the navigationbar so you can use 100% of the screen, but the keys are still available through PIE.

    But if I had to choose between onscreen and capacitive, I would choose onscreen.

    • 56


    • mattcoz

      I use an Xposed module that lets me force immersive mode, it works great most of the time.

  • SGB101

    I like the Samsung button, simply as it’s easier to wake the phone, but LG knock would be an even better solution.

    Another plus to a dedicated home button is being able to tell which is up and down, and in the nexus 4 case front or back!

    The Moto G (don’t know about x) gets around this by having the ‘dimple’ in the centre top half of the back. Also make the phone fit in the hand nicer. If it had knock, it would be the best combo imho.

    So as ever there are umpteen different solution and approaches to these things.

    • Eli Gaffke

      Just after playing with the G2 for a half hour, when I went back to my GS3 keep trying to turn it on with a double tap.

      Then when I go to my work burner Alcatel I miss having have the large home button to wake the screen when it’s sitting on my desk. I like the off screen buttons though.

      LG has something going with the ‘knock’ features, especially with the security unlock multiple taps.

  • 99steve

    Wow, what a option because I hate on screen buttons. This phone gets better the more I hear. I am definitely looking forward to this phone

  • donger

    On screen please.

  • vasra

    Northern hemisphere winter users with gloves rejoice!

    Also, more screen estate for actual content, less for mostly useless buttons.

  • Bob

    More usable screen space! That’s the best reason for the cap buttons. Love it.

  • jaffa

    Is it right that the back button is on the right? If so I won’t be buying it – that’s nonsensical.