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OnePlus One to feature the older Snapdragon 800


The OnePlus One is a phone many are anticipating, and OnePlus is even going into a pretty big social media ad campaign. The future CyanogenMod-powered device is said to be fairly cheap but high end, so we were eagerly waiting for some specs to be released. Our patience paid off, because OnePlus has officially announced the processor that will be powering the OnePlus One. That processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800.

For some of you, the first reaction could be disappointment. The Snapdragon 800 is indeed not the newest chip on the market. However, the reason that OnePlus chose the 800 is a good one. In testing, the company found that the Snapdragon 800 featured the best balance of performance, battery life, and availability. The Snapdragon 801 is not much faster, with trivial change in real world performance, while being new enough to possibly cause production delays. The Snapdragon 800 remains an absolutely fantastic chip and will allow OnePlus to ship the One much faster.

Many may argue the logic, which is fine, but we’re definitely not disappointed in the decision to use a Snapdragon 800 over a Snapdragon 801. However, we’ll have to wait and see if this device really lives up to the hype. What do you think so far? Leave a comment!

Via: Phandroid

Source: OnePlus

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  • uknowme

    I think it was a wise choice. One because it is more readily available. Two because it should keep price down.

    • pekosROB

      Definitely important to keep the price down. Plus after seeing benchmarks for 801 and 805 it really wouldn’t be worth it for them to include one of those chips and have a higher price. Of course benchmarks aren’t as important as people think, but to know you’re not missing out on huge gains in speed and processing power is comforting, especially with a sub $400 price.

  • 99steven

    Definitely not big of a deal. The 801 offer like an extra 200ghz. Not worth it, people want battery life anyways. The 801 aren’t anything to wait for either. When the 805 comes out, then we better see improvement

    • Alec Waddelow

      200 Mhz?

      • Brian

        Nope, just 200ghz, but the battery life sucks – like, 1.8 seconds on a full battery.


      • steve

        Ya 200ghz. The 800 puts out 2300 and the 801 puts out 2500. That would be 200

        • mmmmmbop

          They’re poking fun because it is MHz. It is a 2.3 GHz (and thus 2300 MHz).

  • 99steven

    So this phone must come
    1 rooted
    2 have custom recovery
    3 allow you to install a third party rom, without losing warranty.
    It just makes sense, if you want people to buy a hackers phone

    • Dima Aryeh

      I think that CyanogenMod is trying to push their software into the consumer realm, so the OnePlus One will be a phone for both the hacker and the consumer. For that reason, I think it should come without root/recovery but have it readily available and easy to install.

    • Zack

      You can do anything you’d like to the phone, and barring physical damage caused by something you changed within the phone, warranty will still be intact. As stated in the OnePlus “AMA”, they said you can root it, unroot it, install custom firmware, and as long as you don’t cause physical damage I.E. frying the processor via overclock, the warranty will remain in tact.

      • steve

        Thank you for the answer. Then this phone may be exactly what I have been waiting for. I will definitely get one as my hacking phone because it is going to be cheap. I will now buy one flagship and keep the warranty. I also want a Nexus 6. Haha 3 phones it may be now

    • Tmo

      Any Hacker can root and install custom recovery, so there is no need to be rooted for them

      • 99steven

        Not without the possibility of losing warranty

  • R.S

    Read the title and my first thought was of HTC’s not yet announced phone. Why can’t these companies pick better names?! lol

    What is the new HTC One going to be called? The “New One”? The “Next One”? It obviously can’t be called the One Plus. lol

    As for the OnePlus One (Dumb name IMO), I think it’ll be fine with the Snapdragon 800. Correct me if I’m wrong but both the Note 3 and the LG G2 have it and are beastly phones.

  • donger