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OnePlus One to include Touchless Control-like voice command feature


Touchless Control is one of the Moto X’s most highly-praised features, allowing users to do things like check the weather, perform searches and even have their notifications read back to them, all without touching the device. The feature is currently only available to select Motorola phones, but one developer recently released a similar app to the Google Play store, and now it looks like another company has created a voice command app of its own.

OnePlus today announced that its upcoming One smartphone will include a voice command feature that will recognize a user’s voice and perform tasks that are asked of it, even when the phone is locked. The feature is based on Qualcomm technology and will be built into the special version of CyanogenMod that’ll come loaded onto the OnePlus One.

OnePlus’s voice command feature will support a wake-up command similar to the “Ok Google Now” statement used in Motorola’s Touchless Control app. A poll in the OnePlus forums includes the options “OK, OnePlus!,” “Wake up, OnePlus!” and “Alakazam!,” with the first option claiming nearly 75 percent of the votes as of this writing.

As I mentioned before, Touchless Control is one of the more popular features found on the Moto X, and so it’s probably pretty exciting for consumers interested in the OnePlus One to learn that the device will include similar functionality. Of course, we’ll have to wait until the OnePlus One launches before we know how it compares to Motorola’s voice command feature. The good news is that the One is slated to launch sometime in the second quarter, which kicks off in just a few weeks.

As OnePlus continues to reveal more features of its One smartphone, are you becoming more or less interested in it?

Source: OnePlus forums

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  • Dima Aryeh

    Though Touchless Control isn’t particularly useful to me, I would love to have it on a non-Motorola device. Bring it on OnePlus!

  • 99steven

    I haven’t been so excited about a phone for a long time. From what I am reading, this phone kicks ass and all for less than 400. 5.5 inch, snapdragon 800, easy root and custom rom option without losing warranty, on screen keys, or hard keys, consumers option!!!! Hurry up with it, but not too much, I am liking the thought that you guys are puting into this phone, truly amazing

  • Jorge Eslava

    This phone has the highest chance of becoming my next phone. Can we just call this phone 2 for short? Since 1 + 2 = 2

    • Jorge Eslava

      (1 + 1 = 2)* when are we getting an edit or delete button?

    • 99steven

      Me too. I am even more excited about this phone than my current phone note 2. I like phones that are a little different and think outside the box

  • Orion78

    I’m looking to get a new phone this year. Moto is on top of my list. If this OnePlus lives up to the hype, I’ll definitely add it to my list of my next device.

  • HZD

    So the guys at CM have the source code and other iformation regarding the low power core on the 802. . . no reason to not see touchless control appear in later CM builds for 800 chip devices ?